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Intel W480 Chipset a possiböe option for Hackintosh Upgrade?

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I've been looking into Upgrading from this build to something like a Z490 Vision D or G with an i9 10900K.


But today I noticed that Gigabyte also has a Socket 1200 Vision D Workstation Board which is a bit cheaper and  can run i9s as well as Xeon W 1200s. Is that chipset supported by Apple? Because I haven't found any build on the 480 Platform yet.

Any info would be highly appreciated. I have build Hackintoshes before and pretty accustomed with OpenCore but always followed a guide. So I'm a bit scared starting from zero.



It's not a chipset supported by Apple as far as we know (unless the iMac has this chipset but is just putting in non Xeon CPU and ECC RAM)


If I were going to do a 10 gen has I'd do the same board 

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W480 should be Z490 with ECC support, Intel vPro for remote management and no overclocking features.

Same as C246 is Q370 with ECC support, Q370 being Z370/Z390 with vPro and no OC.

Same as C236… you get the idea.


I have hackintoshed ASUS P10S (C236) (success at first attempt with OpenCore) and two Gigabyte C246 boards (scratched my head until I found they  prefer EnableWriteUnprotector over the standard Z390 quirks). There are reports in forums of Q370 systems working.

There is absolutely no reason W480 would not work if Z490 desktops work.

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