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  1. Running my hack now using the iMac Pro SMBIOS, as some may know 10.13.6 has killed Overclocking on most if not all machines. Would someone have a list of the performance patches ( @PMheart , @nmano ) that i can test? Maybe a list of 10.13.5 and list of 10.13.6 patches if possible...
  2. Is anyone using the iMac Pro SMBIOS, overclocking their chip and getting the full overclock on their X99 systems? My 6800k doesn’t look like it’s using XCPM properly?
  3. thanks @Mald0n uploaded files https://mega.nz/#!OY1gXbLL!F75_1MEoakFAmkjwAsyY9gHyZ1DQsKSAcsZcVm5WJ9w
  4. @MaLd0n could you please check my X99 Config, I used @KGP guide and wanted to check I'm getting good performance. currently have my 6800K running @ 4Ghz, which works with PMDriver.kext, but want to see if there's a better way possibly. https://mega.nz/#!TJlzTDBJ!hEZd89RxZrEuuNuVJtU0r4Wp8epFAGN_QVAkdohNczo
  5. Similar but Gigabyte, you can see how Apple could go modular Mac with a prettier/more elegant solution http://b2b.gigabyte.com/Density-Optimized/H231-G20-rev-100#ov
  6. ekwipt

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    After final release do you think it will be a fairly easy update from Sierra 10.12.6?
  7. Wow a beast of a hack congrats, iMac Pro might help you even further to get closer to vanilla
  8. ekwipt

    AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    Amazing work finally!, thank you !! ATI cards without helper card I've just installed 10.12.6 on my hack X99 RX480 8gb. Downloaded Combo update from Apple website, only thing I changed was in clover I had two entries to force kexts to load (two ati drivers). I deleted those. Put WhateverGreen.kext and Lilu.kext to EFI/Clover/Kext/10.12 folder. Changed bios so it boots from PCIe slot 1 (ATI RX480 8gb) before had it set to PCIe slot 2 (Nvidia 710). The only thing my screen colour is messed up but fixes itself when I get to the login screen, cards are correctly identified in system profiler as a 480/575 8gb (is there even a 575 available?)
  9. ekwipt

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    So there's no way to do a fresh install? Do you have to run Clover over the USB installer or update clover over my current Sierra Hard drive and try and try and update from the stcik Or do you Boot off the USB stick via google from a restart.... Sorry very confused
  10. ekwipt

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Would you mind sharing your clover efi folder with us from you USB @Matthew82
  11. ekwipt

    AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    Anyway to copy over the kexts to Clover or SLE and work Sierra 10.12.5 ???
  12. i think that's a feature of the motherboards, and by turn off i'm guessing you mean go to sleep, cause if it's actually off then no operating system is running at all? Can you test windows and put it to sleep mode?
  13. ekwipt

    AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    Can i ask what's the technical reasons you can't boot with ATI graphics cards only? You can now with Nvidia graphics drivers, so the in built ones for AMD aren't working the same way?
  14. ekwipt

    X99 Sierra installation problem

    For broadwell-e you need to make your USB installer haswell-e fakecpuid and check haswell in boot options