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My hackintosh desktop think it has a battery

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I build a HackMini with GB-BRi5H-8250, follow the https://dortania.github.io guide, everything work fine, except 2 tiny problems.

hope someone can help me,thanks very much.


system info

- macOS 10.14.6

- OpenCore 0.5.9

- SMBios iMac19,1



- my device is a desktop, but get a battery tab in Energy Saver.

- hdmi audio not work after startup. It work fine after I plug and unplug the hdmi cable or toggle the display power button.







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27 minutes ago, jeffbellamy said:

There is a battery on the board to maintain your CMOS. Here is a link to instructions on getting to your battery:



macOS doesn't see that
It's likely the vendor accidentally left in a Battery device in ACPI or something dumb. Would need to see the DSDT/ACPI dump to tell

Edit: This post is several months old as well - It's likely already been solved or there won't be a response

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IMHO, the presence of a battery (from the OS point of view) can be affected by:
a) selected SMBIOS, but the OP mentioned iMac19,1 which is a desktop one
b) DSDT contents. I would start with searching DSDT for a device like BAT0 or some such. If you find one can - you can rename it with bootloader patching, or supply a custom compiled DSDT.aml without it - at least to check if it would help.

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