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ARM Macs coming next year. Will there be anymore new Intel Macs after that?

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When Apple switched from PPC to Intel, they released only one more OS (Leopard) before kicking PPC users to the curb. Granted the next release wouldnt happen until 2009 with Snow Leopard, but those who purchased PPC products in 2006 from Apple were affected. 


Will Apple keep their iMac Pro and Mac Pro Intel? If that is the case, OSx86 can continue. 



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OK, so they want to gain more of a market share and make some cheap as {censored} mac that they can charge a mint for and help increase their bottom line. High end systems are going nowhere until they find a better workhorse than what they currently have. Nothing out there with the exception of AMD processors are capable of the raw processing horsepower that the mac pros possess using the Intel line. (Many Currant AMD processors and hackintoshes excluded) Apple currently has no processors in it's current inventory or on the drawing board for the near future to replace what they got. This new thing is just a good old fashioned money grab for more market share at lower prices.

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