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  1. OK, so they want to gain more of a market share and make some cheap as {censored} mac that they can charge a mint for and help increase their bottom line. High end systems are going nowhere until they find a better workhorse than what they currently have. Nothing out there with the exception of AMD processors are capable of the raw processing horsepower that the mac pros possess using the Intel line. (Many Currant AMD processors and hackintoshes excluded) Apple currently has no processors in it's current inventory or on the drawing board for the near future to replace what they got. This new thing is just a good old fashioned money grab for more market share at lower prices.
  2. Zanthros

    Can't start MacOs installer

    I'd be interested on what you used to install the Mac operating systems on the G31M board, I have found that no one has been able to do that yet. The G31M chipset (ICH7) doesn't have the ahci option. making it almost impossible to install anything higher than Mavericks on. What @ameris cyning says is possible and could possibly work. that is the only option that I could see as well.
  3. Zanthros

    Search Function Yields 0 Results

    This is no longer a working site. No interest in keeping up the site. people have moved on and perhaps everyone else should as well. Search doesn't work, no irc, no answers to questions and no help. This is a friggin bad joke. nothing going on here folks.... move along, move along...
  4. Does anyone know if this information and the files will work for the Aorus Ultra? I got the board and have found little on using it for a build. It has many of the same specs, however it not exactly the same. I have no intentions of using the wi-fi/bluetooth unit that came with it. I have purchased the Fenvi 1200M that has native support. Or can someone point me to where I can find direction on the Catalina install for this board and any accompanying files? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Zanthros

    Mac mini Pro - Z370 Fatal1ty ITX

    Nice Job! Gonna start a new project myself. I know it is gonna be a handful but gonna start out with a Dune pro case..... when it gets here....
  6. Well it looks like Apple has decided to not close the security hole in the previous releases of it's OS since 10.7. "Obey or be hacked!" read more here: http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/04/09/update-your-mac-apple-fixes-major-flaw-in-os-x-yosemite-but-wont-patch-lion-mountain-lion-or-mavericks
  7. Well I finally got an install on my 690. This has to be the ugliest install I have ever done. I got iAtkos 10.6.3 installed on the IDE drive, added the modified LSI SAS kext and my SAS showed up. I then cloned the drive to the SAS Drive and installed the bootloader and am able to boot to the clone drive. I have updated it to 10.6.8 and repaired all permissions and a roll back of the usb to 10.6.2 to get the usb working. I would like to be able to get my sata ports working before I move forward any more as well as my graphics card. I have a Quadro 400 installed and the graphics are the basic set up with no ability to change the resolution and the card shows up as an unknown nividia 14MB ????. WORKING: audio (via voodoo) ethernet (Via modded bcm5722d kext)SAS (no raid via modded LSI kext) not working: video (no qe/ci) SATA ports and sleep(who cares?) Looking to jump up to mavericks on next step but The system cannot do a "clean" install as there is no way that I have found to do this as of now. Any one have any ideas? on how to get my video and sata up to speed?
  8. Hello all. I would like to get ANY version of QSX installed on my dell 690. Apparently it can only be installed on 1 version of the board. (As there were several versions) I have the MY0171 version RevA02 and according to what I have found IT is the only version that has success of installation of the OS. My dilemma is that there is no clear method of installation for this. Bits and pieces of how to can be found and many promises from people going to make a how to guide, but none have come fourth. Anyone able to point me in the proper direction on how to at least install ANY version of OSX an this machine? I have been trying for over a week now and have come up empty. Any direction on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Zanthros

    My QUO Motherboard build

    Nice build Baldy_Man! Have you run any benchies overclocked? It has some good numbers to start with and has potential.
  10. Although it has been a while since I havebeen here on the forums I would like to thank everyone here, especially those who voted for me. I could not have done it without the knowledge I gained here. As such I will be giving back as well. I will donate my winnings to further support this site. I have been to and am a member of many sites and I feel that this one has the most diverse and knowledgeable members. It feels like home.Someone is always willing to help if you are willing to learn. Thanks for the votes and I look forward to be supportive member of the site. Thanks again.
  11. Zanthros

    How to get 5.1 Surround

    What os version are you using?
  12. Zanthros


    Thanks 3.14r2. Your vote is appreciated! I will be getting a G5 case after the first of the year and I got some pretty radical ideas on the mods for it. Who would have thought……. A modded mac? True to spirit. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks! All of your votes are appreciated. I just wanted to display a reasonable build that was actually a MAC in its previous life to fit into the mantra of the MAC MOD. It seemed only appropriate that I started out with a Mac. There are a lot of nice systems up here and some have a lot of horsepower and are very impressive, but they did not start their life out as a Mac. Regardless, Thanks again!
  14. Zanthros

    sabertooth x79 Hackintosh Build

    Really nice build. I know that there is a lot of sweat equity in this build as the whole painting process is laborious for a nice paint job. A good job is much more than just a couple of spray cans of paint. The water cooling and custom panel work a definite plus! Clean lines and the custom work only adds to the MOD. Very well done. YOU GET MY VOTE!
  15. trying to install 10.6.3 on Dell 1720