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GTX 750 Ti maybe lagging my hackintosh ?

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Hello, i'm a new in Hackintosh world. I'm having a lag problem on my system, i searched in the internet and i could see that it may be the driver version of my GTX 750 Ti that i am using. I'm currently using the latest update for CUDA and Web Drive. CUDA 418.163 and Web Driver 387.

Is there any recommended version for GTX 750 Ti or Maxwell Architecture ?

My configs:
CPU: Xeon x5450
GPU: GTX 750 Ti / Gigabyte OC version
Motherboard: GA-P35-DS3
RAM: 8Gb 4x2 800Mhz
SSD SanDisk 120Gb

You have no choice but to use the specific Web version associated with your specific OS X/macOS build. That's the rule for good and normal operation.


Example for High Sierra:


You've mentioned Web Driver v387. so you have to be running with the latest High Sierra update which brings it to build 17G11023.


With regards to system performance, what makes you believe the lag results from the Maxwell graphics card rather than your CPU power management settings? If you're running the afore mentioned High Sierra build, I'd bet money on your CPU power management/Clover/kexts settings...


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I searched the internet for various clover and kext settings to see if I could solve it, but nothing that I found resolved, and recently I tried to create a customized power management cpu to see if I could solve it, and I couldn't. I don't know if you would be able to see it but I uploaded my EFI folder to Filebin. I installed another version of High Sierra (build 17G65) and now I am using the correct video drivers.

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3 hours ago, Slice said:

I am owned chinese GTX 750 Ti. It is fake card. Clover preboot.log shows it is really Fermi not Maxwell as expected.


DAMnnnn Slice!!!!!!!! - There's a lot of fakeness in the world today, Fake News, Fake People, Fake Information, even the Fakes are Fakes now we have Fake GPUs when and where will it all end :hysterical: - Keep the faith Brother.

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