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Links for The Weekend: November 25-26


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Looking to free up a little RAM? With DashQuit 2.0, you’re able to tell the current amount of ram used by your widgets, as well as "quit" the dashboard... On the other hand, if you're looking for one more way to save or store some of your files, upload them to your GMail account (get one here) using gDisk... As a citizen of Australia, you might think twice of where you take your iPod. With a newly proposed law, anyone in Australia owning an iPod, camera phone or a DVD recorder with questionable proof of ownership, may face up to a $65,000 fine or five years in jail, possibly both... In exchange for an etching on the back of her future laptop, one creative person found a way to get a free MacBook Pro. With nearly 40 different companies etched on the back of her laptop, she now has one of the most unique laptops at no charge... For any of you iPod owners, did it ever cross your mind that your purchase would save your life? In this guy's case it did...


This week's featured blog is definitely one that will keep you busy. With six entries in two days, you can find an assortment of artwork and reviews all at Pyrat's Blog... If you haven't seen the recently added sticky, "The State of the Art," it's one way to stay up-to-date with all the OSx86 related news (thanks Rammjet)... I swear I've seen something like this commercial before – I just can’t place it. So that's what “PC” looks like in Japan…

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