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  1. Just to let everyone know -- I banged my head against the wall for several hours, including a complete re-install, before I was able to get my IBM Atheros card to work. The primary issue is that the card is 168c:1014, not 168c:0013. I had added pci168c,1014 to my plist file, then thought I had a 0013 card and removed it. My card worked for a while, as I had put in the 1014, but then when I ran Software Update, my kexts were rebuilt, and the 1014 entry was removed from cache. In other words, I thought it was Software Update that had killed my card, when, in fact, I am just an idiot. So the correct steps for the IBM 802.11a/b/g card are: Add pci168c,1014 to NetworkPreferences.plist touch /System/Library/Extensions Reboot with -f Open System Profiler, click on "Airport Card", close System Profiler Reboot with -f Open Network Preferences, hopefully should be able to "Turn On" Airport at this point.
  2. The picture says "The wise joint co-existance of Mac and Windows in the Intel Mac Age." Is the guy on the right supposed to be Bill Gates? They're together at a bath-house, with whoever washing Jobs' back, which simply has the implication that they are really good man-friends. The text on the side says "Where to be careful with files, extensions, and fonts." Don't think it's related.
  3. Apple Special Event in February

    I predict (if not this time, then soon) the release of a rental model for the iTunes Movie Store, to go along with the shipping of Apple TV.
  4. That's Apple/Steve Jobs for you -- amazing products, amazingly childish.
  5. Oddly, Apple TV does apply for the educational discount (it's called "student discount") here in Japan. Guess they don't have consistent rules in that area. But with the exchange rate the way it is, Apple products are a steal right now.
  6. The Japanese "Get a Mac" ads are hilarious. Far better than their American counterparts. Though the Mac guy is still a bit pretentious.
  7. Playa Hatah Mel Gibson

    I'm not taking one side or another here, but freedom of speech was not created so anyone could say whatever the eff they want anytime they want to -- it was created as a protection, so that citizens would be free to criticize their government (or, in the minds of the American founders, the King) without fear of a visit from the Gestapo or equivalent.
  8. Playa Hatah Mel Gibson

    Jesus was, in fact, a Jew. His human parents were Jewish, his father a descendant of David, one of the most revered kings of Jewish history. Jesus said he was sent to the Jews first, but with the intention of reaching everyone through the Jews. This was a continuation of a theme that ran (or was supposed to run) throughout the whole Old Testament: God gave blessing to the Jewish people in order to bless the rest of the world. (You can read Genesis for more on this, God blesses Abraham "to be a blessing to all nations.") They managed to screw it up a lot, but I think that's more related to being human than being Jewish. (You can read about America for more on this idea of screwing it up a lot.) Much of the New Testament is stories and letters from the early church that grew after Jesus left. The idea of associating with Gentiles (non-Jews) was completely foreign and unthinkable to the Jews of that time, so as many of them became Christians, there were sharp divisions and conflicts within the churches between the Jews and the Gentiles. In many of the letters, this way of thinking is rebuked, saying that Jesus' followers are united, so that divisions between groups of people, be they Jew/Gentile, Male/Female, or Slave/Master, should no longer be the foundation of their relationships. The new foundation should be their faith in Christ. H'anyway, that's a Reader's Digest version, but I hope that explains a little. Peace.
  9. iTunes music store Error

    I've been having this problem since 10.4.5. iTunes has never let me purchase anything, and I used up a lot of authorizations in the process. I know that the unique machine identifier is generated partly from your BIOS information, so perhaps they refuse iTunes from OSX without an Apple BIOS?
  10. Mash, Have you looked at World Vision at all? If not even supporting them the traditional way, they have a really interesting "Gift Catalog" site: http://donate.wvus.org/OA_HTML/xxwvibeCCtp...p?section=10024 You can add things to your shopping cart like "Send One Child To School For A Year ($75)" or "Give A Farm To Sustain 10 Families ($2180)". It's a really interesting idea worth checking out.
  11. MercyCorps (www.mercycorps.org) is one of the most "responsible" charities, over 90% of their donations go directly to aid. I'd recommend we support them as one of the charities. Also, how about making the donator label more distinct, i.e. 'Site Donator' for someone who supports hosting, and 'Life Donator' for someone who supports the charities. (Cheesy titles, I know, but you get the point.)
  12. I'm very disappointed in the glossy LCD, it's a complete deal-breaker for me. I was considering getting one of these at the end of the summer, but I am not interested in the least in a glossy LCD. I wish they would do it like the MacBook Pro, letting you choose anti-glare or glossy. And I agree, the black one doesn't look like a Mac product. But people want it to match their iPods I think it's RIDICULOUS that there's a $150 premium for the black color, though.
  13. Where is Maxxuss?

    ...you can fill in anything you want when you register a domain. I bet that's just a joke for anyone like you who might happen to stumble on it.
  14. I've always liked phpBB myself, though I haven't used it in a year or two, so I don't know whether it suits all the needs of this site or not. One thing I dislike about the current organization is the 'sub-forum' idea. Maybe it's simpler than I'm making it, but it seems like an extra level of "oh {censored} where was that post" that adds confusion. I think a well-thought out organizational scheme for discussion coupled with a regularly-updated knowledgebase/wiki/whatever to sift that discussion into more usable information would be the ideal solution. It's hard for a new user to come in and search through a million forum posts, trying to figure out how to get started/how to solve a problem/etc, so it leads to a lot of redundancy. I need to head to class...let me know if I'm being unclear.
  15. I would like to see more organization of the information. A lot of the really juicy stuff is buried deep within the forum, and it means there's a lot of repeated effort when people try to find information. I think a combing-through of the forum to rebuild the wiki with current, correct information would be lovely. Honestly, I think a new forum system would be great too. I'm really not a fan of the current one.