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Hackintosh installation help - Laptop

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Hi, i can someone help me with installing mac OS Mojave on my HP ENVY - 15-as102na?
I have an imac to use for setting up my usb & installing MacOS Mojave.There are various kext files etc that i'm not sure about and need some help as some are hardware specific.
I tried previously but got stuck on an apple logo and couldn't get past that, and tried today and had problems with Clover.

Once i get mac os on my 128gb m.2 ssd ( which i'll upgrade to either a 256gb or 512gb depending on how well this hackintosh works)

I have a free 2.5" inch hdd bay where i'd like to install windows on in the future.

I think i may have to replace my wireless card ( based on a few google results) which i'm fine with as long as i can see it working without just so i know i won't waste money
Cpu: i5 7200u
GPU: HD 620
8GB ram
Wifi card- Intel Wireless 7265 ( Intel® 802.11ac (2x2) )
Motherboard - HP 81D2 & BIOS version is f.56



You will have to replace your Intel wireless cards since those aren't supported. There's a non-exhaustive inventory of supported/unsupported wireless cards at OSXL.


Please note that, for M.2 cards, choice is very limited. DW1560 is guaranteed to work with the required patching; DW1820A is a lot cheaper but may not work, it's only for gamblers. DW1830 normally works OOK but it's a 3030 form and needs 3 x antennas.

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