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OSX 10.4.6 slow on vmware

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Hi there,


I just thought let's start this topic and get some feel of experiences from other people.


I have been running OSX 10.4.3 for a long time inside vmware, and it really runs like a dream. It is quite quick, considering it's running inside a VM. To be honest I'm actually very satisfied with it.


I recently had to reinstall the VM, and now I encounter two problems:


1 Cannot get sound anymore, tried maxxuss drivers to no avail, tried to downgrade the vmware workstation version, also to no avail.


2 Cannot bind to my active directory (WIN2003) server anymore. Not with directory access, not with command line utility.


Now I decided to try and run OSX 10.4.6 to maybe solve these problems, and yes it did solve the above problems, but it is so damm slow. It is simply not workable, trying to run photoshop or acrobat results in 5 to 10 minutes waiting time, in the other vmware (10.4.3) loading time is less then a minute for acrobat, maybe 1,5 for photoshop.


Needless to say that I scrapped the 10.4.6 since it is really unworkable.


Now my question, what about 10.4.8 is it quicker or the same speed, and maybe a second question, is there anything to speed up the newer version of OSX (other then what is suggested in on the wikki) ?


Thanks in advance

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I've tried many tweaks:

  • The usual paevm="true" always been there.
  • For testing purposes, I've disabled cd drive, network, floppy, serial and parallel ports (some in vm-bios). Also tried them enabled, no change.
  • Using -vmware and/or platform=X86PC options on boot. (semthex kernel)
  • Using 512MB ram (max).
  • For OS type, tried: FreeBSD, darwin, other, other linux, winnt...
  • hd setting is independent/persistent.

Any other I've missed?

Note that even in single user boot (-s) vmware-vmx.exe takes ~98% of cpu usage! So it's not GUI-related.


Fortunately, I only rarely need access to osx through vmware. I thought this slowness was 'normal', half-remembering a maxxuss comment/explanation long ago.

Also that's why for me native install is at least as fast as one through vmware on real hd, notwithstanding faster access to the dvd iso image...


macgirl, what's your vmware cpu usage when vm osx is running and idle? Just curious.

Same question to Colonel.

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Well it appears that my VMware OSX86 10.4.8 is out of maintainance, it was hung at some points.


Anyway at boot is about 40-55 % and at Idle in Gui or Single User Mode is 93-98 % Weird.


My 10.4.3 installation at Idle (GUI) is 00-01 %

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