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  1. cannot download 2.02. seems the link isn't working. Anyway, 2.01 works flawlessly so far.
  2. Well, maybe you should startup control panel, type in windows update and change the settings for it ? You CAN prevent issue like you are describing easily.
  3. @donk, thanks for suggesting the 2012 preview. Whilst I had this running on Win8 cp, due to the debug (which means less performance), I did not install it on Win7, up until now. The trouble I had to go through to get ML DP1 to run on vmware 8, and yet on 2012 it just installs without replacing appelsifusionmpt.kext and messing with fakesmc.kext. The same is true for Osx 10.7, updating it to 10.7.4 also went without any problems, boot times are normal.
  4. ^ I wonder if you should apply the same trick as with ML to make it boot normally, setting smc.present=false and using the fakesmc.kext ?
  5. Hmm, can you indicate why ? I did run 10.7.3 in vmware 8.0.3 and updated last night to 10.7.4 with the same result as aron44126.
  6. I know this doesn't make sense, but the same is happening here, with smc.present=false, the installer vmdx never ever boots, setting it to true, it boots after a while. Since I got sandbox profile errors with quite a few stock apps, I have tried to reinstall the os. After reinstall I booted the os, dropped fakesmc in again, repaired permissions, switched off the vm, quitted vmware, set smc.present=flase, reboot and all is well, boots in about two minutes, after the reinstall all apps are working. The only remaining issue is the inability to import and trust a root ca, whatever I do, the ca remains untrusted.
  7. jvangent100

    Asus P67 // All great except apps crashing!

    ^ that is what I did as well, and it fixed my problems as well, the sandbox profile creation errors are all gone now.
  8. ^ I had the same problem as you, first I changed the boot order in the bios, which obviously isn't related to waiting for boot device, that means the kext hasn't been loaded correctly, therefore I am suggesting using the pkg as it will make sure the kext is installed properly. edit: to make sure there is no confusion, I am talking about applelsifusionmpt.kext. Without it, no scsi, so that's why you get waiting for root device.
  9. Google applelsifusionmpt 3.0.0.pkg which is an installer that drops the kext in and does other necessary stuff. Apart from some apps crashing I now have a working system, including the vmware tools, video and sound driver, it boots in about two minutes.
  10. jvangent100

    Asus P67 // All great except apps crashing!

    Same here on Vmware.
  11. You can fix that by setting permissions correctly for applelsifusionmpt.kext. The setting smcpresent= "false" fixed it for me, now indeed with the fakesmc.kext and this setting in the vmx, ML boots in about two minutes and keyboard + mouse do work. Going to try and install the vmware tools next. edit: ML does look like crash central, some applications (mail, reminders, notes) are crashing: failed to compile sandbox profile.
  12. as far as I can remember the "install vmdk" booted quickly, and yes after about 13 minutes I end up at the desktop.
  13. ^ Installed it using a installer vmdk created from the .dmg, in the same way as with Lion.
  14. That's where it "hangs" on my system as well, and indeed no activity on the hdd, but... on my system, if I wait about 10 to 15 minutes, all of a sudden it actually boots to desktop and I can fully use ML. Now when I first added the fakesmc.kext, it boots normally, but no keyboard / mouse (useless in other words). I actually had smc=true in de vmx, so changed it, slapped the kext back in, but now I get waiting for dsmos and it doesn't proceed any further, getting rid of the fakesmc.kext fixes this, but this comes with an unacceptable boot time of 15 minutes. edit: didn't notice it at first, but it is indeed waiting for dsmos to arrive for a full 13 minutes, then it announces the arrival of dsmos and gets straight to the desktop.
  15. Well, I managed to get the AppleLSIFusionMPT to survive a reboot, might have been a permission issue, I can confirm that zenith's video driver does work, as does the ensoniq sound driver. However the VM does boot without fakesmc in about 15-20 minutes, and with fakesmc in about 4, but the latter leads to no keyboard and no mouse, so I am wondering what I am missing here.