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Macbook Pro 13 2018 + External HDD Mavericks 10.9.5

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Hi everyone!

Long time no see guys! :help:

As you can see I am not new user of Insanely and do not want to post in incorrect section, but I can not find any similiar topic at all. I,ve searched the forum and the web and I can't find a solution.

My question is that is there any possibility to install Mavericks 10.9.5 on external drive on the newest Macbook Pro 13 from 2018? I know that the Intel Coffee Lake is new generation of CPU's and there is no drivers in Mavericks system to run this CPU, but I was thinking about it alot and I decided to write here. Because if we can install all the newest OSX, macOS on older machines then maybe we can install older systems on newer builds?


P.S. If I wrote in incorrect topic then please move this thread to the right section, I will be grateful :wink_anim:

You should move your thread to the Mac section...


Mavericks dates back to 2013 and reached end of life at the end of 2016. It carries no support for recent generations of hardware so answer is no. Coffee Lake platforms are supported from High Sierra only.


If an operating system may carry support for older hardware (obviously up to a certain limit), an old obsolete operating system cannot support newer hardware it was never updated for. It will lack kernel support and drivers for the newer chipsets, CPUs, GPUs, controllers, etc.


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Yes, few seconds ago I saw this Mac section at the bottom of the forum, but honestly I don't know how to move this thread right now :blush:

I have not writen on Insanely for 3/4 years I think and I have no idea how to move my thread.


Anyway thank you so much for your fast response and your answer. It is clear to me right now :)

So thank you again :thumbsup_anim:

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