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very long boot to OS with LILU - 10.14.5


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hey everybody


as title said lilu causing very long boot 5-6 mins on SSD

my EFI is up to date and set properly, only usb3 not working looking for kext


OS 10.14.5

my mobo p61a-d3 with i5 2400

when -liluoff is used bood time is under 30 seconds


i have tried lilu 1.2.6 to 1.3.3 same results


how can i get lilu bootlog?

i dont know how to solve this problem


edit - usb3 fixed and working

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os edit
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I was on BigSur and Monterey and I made a change (a correct change) in device properties. The change caused my boots to be incredibly long. Digging in to the problem I notice it was related to the IGPU. I use it headless in conjunction with a rx580. I added -disablegfxfirmware and solved the problem. I consider this a temporary solution, however. 

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