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WTF happened to EFI Studio?

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OK, I've searching for days trying to gather up the tools to make my current install work correctly. I'm well on my way. But all the links to the things I currently must have were apparently nuked "during a forum upgrade". :(

As far as EFI Studio goes; I can find many links to it. But for Insanelymac, they're broken (due to the upgrade), or for the Netkas site, they're links to either Rapidshare, or Mediafire that also no linger exist. I see many users here indicating that they used it to tweak their DSDT. But the web (google/duckduckgo), Instanelymac, and Netkas seem to have no idea where it's gone.

Could some kind soul please share a copy, or a link? I'm a loooong time hacker, and would love to bring it back to life. In fact, I'd love to improve it -- or at least bring it up to current times. If only I knew where it was. :whistle:

Thank you for all your time, and consideration.




millusions, you're a saint!

Thank you very much.

Yep, it's ~2009, which is about right. I really appreciate you're taking the time to help.


Thanks again.



Guest millusions



it's all good, ive never heard of this program so the curiosity got the better of me.


i'm looking forward to your version :)

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