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  1. AppleBytes

    Please help to remove last 2 errors from dsdt.dsl

    @artur_pt, @Hervé, I'm honored -- thank you! @Hervé I was forced to look at the advice given to others to find solution(s) to the other Errors, and Warnings that were in the dsdt.dsl. I couldn't use MaciASL. As the only versions I could find on Rehabman's sites ( googlecopde - os-x-maciasl-patchmatic, and Bitbucket ) Required Mountain Lion. Thanks for the advice on using a MBP5,1 SMBIOS. Sounds more promising. @artur_pt, @Hervé, Sorry about my naming convention on the dsdt.dsl ( dsdt.dslll ). I was using that naming convention as a versioning scheme -- Every time I made a change, I added an adidional l (ell). Thanks again, to you both. I'm extremely grateful for your taking the time to help! All the best to you both! --Chris
  2. Hello, I'm working on a re-install of OSX on a dell inspiron 9400. I was finally able to get a copy of SL on it. But it still needs MUCH work, as the graphics (NVIDIA Geforce Go 7800) isn't properly recognized -- either by model, or installed VRAM. It has 512Mb, but only initializes 256Mb VESA. Anyway, as a start, I thought it best to use a valid dsdt.dsl for compilation, and start there. I've managed to remove all the warnings, and errors save 2 OUTPUT: # sudo iasl -ta ./dsdt.dslll Intel ACPI Component Architecture ASL Optimizing Compiler version 20110527-64 [May 27 2011] Copyright (c) 2000 - 2011 Intel Corporation ./dsdt.dslll 3519: Return (0x00) Error 4080 - Invalid object type for reserved name ^ (found INTEGER, requires Buffer) ./dsdt.dslll 3956: Return (Package (0x00) {}) Remark 5072 - Effective AML package length is zero ^ ASL Input: ./dsdt.dslll - 4997 lines, 158533 bytes, 1633 keywords Compilation complete. 1 Errors, 0 Warnings, 1 Remarks, 577 Optimizations I'm attaching a copy of the above output, and the dsdt.dsl file in a tarball to this post in hopes someone with the required knowledge can help me fix it. FWIW SMBIOS I'm using indicates this is a MBP 3,1 cpu: cd2 (T7400 @2.16Ghz) graphics: NVIDIA Geforce Go 7800 ( G70M? ) ram: 4Gb dell inspiron 9400 (Laptop) Thank you for all your time, and consideration! --Chris DSDT-DSL.tar
  3. AppleBytes

    WTF happened to EFI Studio?

    millusions, you're a saint! Thank you very much. Yep, it's ~2009, which is about right. I really appreciate you're taking the time to help. Thanks again. --Chris
  4. AppleBytes

    WTF happened to EFI Studio?

    OK, I've searching for days trying to gather up the tools to make my current install work correctly. I'm well on my way. But all the links to the things I currently must have were apparently nuked "during a forum upgrade". :( As far as EFI Studio goes; I can find many links to it. But for Insanelymac, they're broken (due to the upgrade), or for the Netkas site, they're links to either Rapidshare, or Mediafire that also no linger exist. I see many users here indicating that they used it to tweak their DSDT. But the web (google/duckduckgo), Instanelymac, and Netkas seem to have no idea where it's gone. Could some kind soul please share a copy, or a link? I'm a loooong time hacker, and would love to bring it back to life. In fact, I'd love to improve it -- or at least bring it up to current times. If only I knew where it was. Thank you for all your time, and consideration. --Chris
  5. Hi, I opened a topic regarding this awhile ago. But now some 2 hours later, I think it must be a bug. Details: I have spent the last hour, and 45 minutes attempting a search based on the same word. But each-and-every search times out in some 60 seconds with: 504 Gateway Time-out I think the server must have a serious problem, that needs to be fixed. Thank you for your time, and attention. --Chris
  6. I'm experiencing much the same. Waiting on root device, and the USB, and Firewire messages. Seems as tho it resets the bus, and then cant't find the USB drive, or any of the USB/Firewire busses. --Chris
  7. AppleBytes

    ASUS G73JH bug: launchctl.c (iatkos s3 v2)

    I'm not using IATKOS. But I get this too, on an attempted install of SnowLeopard on a Dell D510. It doesn't shut down. It just hangs at that line, and goes no further. Searching on the Interweb only returns this thread. Anyone have a clue? Thanks! --Chris
  8. AppleBytes

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Apologies if this has already been addressed, but I found no indication; so here goes... Is it remotely possible to run the Chameleon installer from the / a (Mavericks installer) USB stick, that's already had Chameleon installed to it? IOW I've already created a "Vanilla" Mavericks USB install drive, installed Chameleon on it. But would like to run the Chameleon install app from within the Mac installer, in order to install it to the Target disk. It'd also be a huge plus, if the same were possible for the Chameleon Wizard. Thanks! --Chris
  9. AppleBytes

    How to get a GT 730 fully functioning?

    WOW, 0000-1248 you're just a wealth of wisdom! I REALLY appreciate you're continued support! Should we ever cross paths, I owe you (at least) a couple of pints! Mind you, the following question comes from my last Hackintosh experience, which was SnowLeopard; but can I be reasonably confident I have QE/CI if I can play Chess, and see all the fancy transitions? Thanks again, 0000-1248 ! --Chris
  10. OK I guess I can close this now. I managed a Mavericks install. Method? I used the so-called "Vanilla (USB) install", and some assistance from 0000-1248 's "clue bat". I spent some time following the install in a browser on another computer, locating the needed kexts for PS2 (mouse||keyboard), Network (ethernet), and Sound. While not (yet) perfect. It puts me in a position to tweak it into shape. Thanks again, for taking the time to respond! --Chris
  11. AppleBytes

    How to get a GT 730 fully functioning?

    Hello ricoc90 , and thanks for the reply! I was afraid I was going to hear that. I was hoping I could get all the hardware sorted out before up(dating|grading). But maybe in this case, the reverse is the better choice. I'll see if I can find a good kernel for the latest revision, and give it a shot. Is using the 10.9.5.combo a safe / good direction to choose? Thanks, again, ricoc90 ! --Chris
  12. AppleBytes

    How to get a GT 730 fully functioning?

    Greetings, I've been cobbling a working Mavericks install on the following hardware: A68HM plus mobo A6 7470k 3.7Ghz APU (MSI) GeForce GT-730 GPU w/4Gb ddr3 RAM I'm using Chameleon, and finally got to the installer (screen) by adding GraphicsEnabler=Yes to the boot line. Which used whatever it probed as a usable Nvidia driver. However, while it works, it's NOT the correct driver for this model, and I have no QE/CL. This is what it currently reports: I'm not sure how, or when. But it did detect it's an MSI rebranded Nvidia. But this may just be cosmetic, as my card has 4Gb, not 2. According to a table on Wikipedia for the Geforce cards, the Nvidia version of mine has the "code name" GF108: NOTE: mine is the one listed as 128-bit. While the Nvidia card listed is the version MSI used for my card, the Nvidia version only packs 1Gb RAM, while mine has 4. So it appears I might be up against a couple of hurdles. I grabbed a copy of IORegistryExplorer (2.1) off a SnowLeopard Hackintosh install I have, so I could poke around IOREG a little easier. It appears that NVArch reports GF100 , rather than GF108 . IODeviceMemory appears to see all 4 memory chips, but doesn't appear to know what to do with the other 2: Since I need to feed OSX the (correct) information early; isn't there some way I can give Chameleon some HEX strings to push. In order to get OSX to attach the correct driver version? Is the a better / other way I should / could approach this? Has anyone else accomplished this? Any time, or consideration is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks! --Chris
  13. AppleBytes

    Geforce GT730 2 GB DDR3 only 1024 detect

    I'm having the same trouble on Mavericks, and my MSD Geforce GT-730. Mine card has 4Gb ram, but only shows 2Gb. I'm also pretty sure I'm not getting hardware GL/CL. FWIW A68HM-plus with an A6-7470k APU, MSI GT-730 GPU Using the Chameleon boot loader, with iMac14,2 SMBios. About This Mac shows all the correct info, except the GPU RAM size. --Chris
  14. AppleBytes

    Mavericks 10.9 and Asus X550LC

    I know this is old. But... From the looks of it: Nvidia.GT730.10.10.1.KemalALKIN causes crash. You're trying to load a Yosemite version of the nVidia driver. You might do better to try a Vanilla install, and the correct driver version.
  15. AppleBytes

    If FakeSMC is blacklisted by Apple, what's the point?

    Thanks for the reply, Hervé ! OK My last "hackintosh" was SnowLeopard. But... I understand that the "warnings" during boot, are only warnings. But given the difficulty getting some of the hardware properly recognized, and the entries in AppleKextExcludeList.kext , as well as the confirmation by netkas; this seemed a "reasonable" possibility. I've been doing almost nothing but reading for the last 3, and a half weeks. Hmm this is apparently a common misconception. As I see many recommendations on this, regarding Mavricks. I'll remove it from my org.chameleon.Boot.plist file -- Thanks! I guess that's good news. It's one less thing to consider. Thanks again, for the reply, Hervé ! --Chris