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Found 7 results

  1. I can't connect the phone. I tried some ways but no changes. config.plist and information screenshoot attached. I am new so please forgive for information mistakes. **SOLVED** I just changed device information in config.plit (smbios) It should be matched my build, iMac 14,2 just fine right now. config.plist
  2. I have a couple Bose speakers for which I'd like to create an aggregate sound device. I've attempted this procedure in the past, with other speakers and mixed results. In this case, I have an older-model Bose Wave Radio with the USB dongle and a new Bose Revolve+ Soundlink cylinder. They are both within 20ft proximity of my MacPro, so there aren't signal issues involved. I've attempted using both the dongle and the Resolve+ as the clocking device, altering drift control appropriately -- most times, I just get one speaker working. At one point, I was getting sound delays where I'd hear music in one speaker, then the same beat on the next a skip/step later. That was fun. From my experience using this MIDI setup, I'm beginning to think it's buggy. However, it may be I just can't accomplish what I need to do here, though I cannot see why as they work fine individually and this is just an API abstraction underneath (presumably). I've looked online, followed directions, but I still can't get this working -- I wonder if anyone here has encountered this problem, or may have some useful pointers. Thanks!
  3. Windserfer

    DSDT & i2c

    Hello! Thanks to this amazing forum I was able to successfully install OSX 10.10 on my laptop! Everything is fine (more or less) except the Synapstic touchpad. I currently use VoodooPS2 kext in the Clover folder and it enables my keyboard but the touchpad is not on PS2 but on I2C. I tried to fix my DSDT but I get 35 errors so before wasting time I want to ask you: Is the fixed DSDT going to make the touchpad visible by OSX??? Thank you for your patience and time!
  4. Hello I have an (almost) perfectly hacked Asus 1001HA with 10.6.8, the only problem is, that App Store doesn't work. An unexpected error occurs when I try to log in. In IORegistryexplorer, I can see, that my ethernet is not detected as built-in, even though I tried Chameleon's ethernet built-in option. I also tried to generate an efi string for my ethernet card with EFI Studio 1.1, but I already had a device-properties string in c.a.b.plist and I do not what it is for, but if i remove it, or substitute it with the string from EFI Studio, the system will hang on white screen after the spinning wheels does its job. Oh, and I used NBI to install chameleon. Should I somehow combine these two strings? I would be very grateful for any help. I've attached the efi string I have in device-properties. efi.rtf
  5. k3nny


    Version 0.2


    SoundSwitch is an AppleScript utility for quickly switching between two predefined sound device outputs, for example speakers and headphones. The usual way is to open Audio MIDI Setup, click the desired device and select it for sound output. This procedure can be quite tiresome if done often. This tool automatically does the switch when opened and displays a notification with the current device in use. No process is left open after the task is complete. It is bundled with two command line utilities. One for getting and setting sound devices and the other one for invoking a notification message. More info in description.rtfd I am aware of similar solutions, but I wanted something light and simple. To use it, you need to configure the two device names first that must match the names displayed in "Audio MIDI Setup" utility. Open SoundSwitch.app/Contents/Resources/Scripts/main.scpt and adjust the Configuration section on top.
  6. Hi all! This is my first post ever on the forum, my usb device issue led me to this great forum, as I am new to mac. after reading the infamous post about the solution of the usb, I got it to work on my pro. now I am asking if I upgrade to el capitan, would it stop working?
  7. For some reason i can run ML on VMware with this machine but I cant install for the life of me. I followed this Tut: Click here For some reason I am getting stuck at Still waiting for device. (picture attached) My Rig: CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM Processor Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 670M with Optimus™ Technology 3GB GDDR5 Memory: 12GB DDR3 1600MHz memory HDD: 1.0TB: 500GB (7200rpm, Serial ATA) + 500GB (7200rpm, Serial ATA) Optical: DVD-SuperMulti drive (+/-R double layer) Wifi: Intel® Wi-Fi® Wireless networking (802.11b/g/n + WiDi Capable) Bluetooth: Bluetooth® V4.0 USB:4-USB (3.0) ports Any one help me PLEASE! UPDATE: So I was able to Boot and install ML using a boot CD which was from OSX86.net But I cant boot into the OS I have tried the following boot flags; -v -F -x maxmem=4084 busratio=18 npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=0 and 1 This is what I get Instead of getting Still waiting.... Error I get a Kernel Panic. But I myself cant figure this out. Any help would be awesome.