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I can't seem to boot into the OS X El Capitan installer with Clover bootloader

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My specs are:


I know it's not relevant but I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit), but I also have Windows 10 Professional (64bit) on a windows to go drive that I use a lot.


Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 @2.26GHZ


3GB System RAM


Nvdia GeForce 9600M GT


And to create the disk:


I downloaded a .dmg file for OS X El Capitan from a torrent, and I used Transmac to write it to my 16gb Sandisk usb drive, since this .dmg doesn't have the bootloader I got Clover Bootloader using a tool called "BootDiskUtitlity" on a second drive a 4gb drive.


I messed with the settings a lot but I reset it to default.




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I never said you're gonna need a Mac to read that topic. That topic is dedicated to installing macOS on LGA 775 Socket rigs and there are plenty of useful information which you can read and learn.

There is a link to a generic EFI folder for LGA775 rigs that might work on your rig as well.


Use this and see if that can help boot into the installer.

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