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Hi all,


so ive been trying to get the wifi working on my hackintoshed laptop for a full week now, but i have little to no experience with macs or hackintoshes.


my wifi card is a BCM43142, and my laptop is a HP pavilion 15 p004na running Mojave 10.14.4


i was told on another forum that this card did work on macos, but im starting to doubt it a little :)


any help would be much appreciated,


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Guest ricoc90

As far as I know it's not supported under macOS indeed. Your best bet would be to replace the wifi card with one that is supported

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2 hours ago, Hervé said:

BCM43142 carrying PCI id 1'E':4365 was never supported at all.




You'll have to replace that card but watch for potential whitelist on that HP laptop though...  According to the HP online information, this laptop would at least support a BCM4352 model which is macOS compatible.


thanks ill keep that in mind. aside from this, the tabs in safari are now black, im not on dark mode and if i move my cursor over them it distorts heavily. what could this be?

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