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ASUS h97 m-e and RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ Black Screen

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Hello Everyone, 

I have facing an issue with my rx 580 8gb nitro+ GPU on my Mojave install. I have the following specs.

MB: Asus h97 m-e
Proc: 4790K
GPU: Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8 GB

The Issue I am facing is with the acceleration. Initially I was not being able to boot into OS due to boot to black screen. I have tried different setting but finally got into the OS by selecting attached settings on Graphics through Clover Configuration.

If I disable any of the three options Load VBios, Inject Nvidia, Radeoninit. The system is booting to black screen.

Please help. Thanks


10 minutes ago, pixam said:

If I disable any of the three options Load VBios, Inject Nvidia, Radeoninit. The system is booting to black screen.

Keep all those options disabled.


Only use WhatEverGreen + Lilu kexts, this video card is native in macOS.

In addition to what Allan and Hervé say, EVEN THOUGH the AMD/ATI Cards are "Native", IF NOT Flashed - WILL give a Black Screen at Bootup!  ALL Video Cards NOT Flashed give a Black Screen at Bootup!  So, the normal set of events here is you'll get the Clover Boot Loader, then you select, (or let Clover Auto Select), the Mac Boot Drive, the System Boots - here you get the Black Screen.  Screen will stay Black UNTIL you get to the Login Screen, (IF you have a Password on your User Account), OR, when you get to the Desktop.


Again, this is NORMAL.



Good Luck.  :-)

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I got my GIGABYTE RX 580 (Device ID 0x67DF) working with all video ports active, including HDMI, not only DVI like most users report !


Use Clover and configure the following:


a) Graphics: activate 'InjectATI' AND select Framebuffer (FB) 'Orinoco' 

b) Kernel & Kext Patches: KextToPatch -> New entry (+) -> AMD9500Controller

Under 'Find' and ''Replace' use the following text (copy / paste):















c) Put Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext into EFI->Clover->kext->Other



All ports are being activated. If you switch ports, reboot is necessary.




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