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No brightness controls on VAIO laptop! issues when PNLF patch applied!!

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Hiii!!!! ok, so i could not find much information i regards to this issue,,, & VAIO laptops already having this graphics acceleration issue that takes a while to figure (at least for me, since this is my first hackintosh !!!)


so its prolly very apparent  i may not have much idea of what im doing, but ive tried


i cannot get brightness controls with my current DSDT cos it has no PNLF methods but there is full graphics acceleration after following this guide


after doing some research i came across this other guide which is pretty much roughly almost the same methods, however

1. After renaming methods from _DSM to XDSM, acceleration doesnt work, so the display just turns off.

2. If i don't rename the methods, the display works, but the backlight works very badly. It turns off every 5 seconds that i have to push the "display off" button to turn on the display. and it looks very dim on the left side. if u need footage i can help ya with that!!!

3. A brightness slider appears too, but it doesn't work


attached are

1- a lil screenshot of about this mac

2- my DSDT that works, has no PNLF methods.

3- My ssdt for the display, without it the display will turn off, i think both the DSDT and that SSDT depend on each other

4. The DSDT with the PNLF methods that makes the display go weird & unusable

5. IOREG while using the DSDT that works, if you need it when the backlight goes weird, i can go thru the painful route of getting that too


yo thanks for ur help!!! xoxo




DSDT - no pnlf.aml



Milo’s MacBook Pro.ioreg

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Posted (edited)

I applied the most basic PNLF device I know of and put it in a location that is more customary than the one you had.  See if it works.




BTW, your laptop may be old enough that you can use the Generic Brightness kext and the PNLF device code for that.  Try this first. Then consider the old fix.

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