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  1. Hiii!!!! ok, so i could not find much information i regards to this issue,,, & VAIO laptops already having this graphics acceleration issue that takes a while to figure (at least for me, since this is my first hackintosh !!!) i cannot get brightness controls with my current DSDT cos it has no PNLF methods but there is full graphics acceleration after following this guide after doing some research i came across this other guide which is pretty much roughly almost the same methods, however 1. After renaming methods from _DSM to XDSM, acceleration doesnt work, so the display just turns off. 2. If i don't rename the methods, the display works, but the backlight works very badly. It turns off every 5 seconds that i have to push the "display off" button to turn on the display. and it looks very dim on the left side. if u need footage i can help ya with that!!! 3. A brightness slider appears too, but it doesn't work attached are 1- a lil screenshot of about this mac 2- my DSDT that works, has no PNLF methods. 3- My ssdt for the display, without it the display will turn off, i think both the DSDT and that SSDT depend on each other 4. The DSDT with the PNLF methods that makes the display go weird & unusable 5. IOREG while using the DSDT that works, if you need it when the backlight goes weird, i can go thru the painful route of getting that too yo thanks for ur help!!! xoxo DSDT - no pnlf.aml SSDT-display.aml DSDT - PNLF.aml Milo’s MacBook Pro.ioreg
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    first ever attempt at a hackintosh, kinda went from for {censored} and giggles to actually giving it some serious use. mac mini definition cos i think i still need some more work on the DSDT as the display goes whacko if i go with anything macbook, but i don't think it matters if my laptop hasn't had a battery in it for years