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OSsxAptioFix3Drv Error on first start


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Good day to all!  I want to install oficial Siera 10.12.1 that I downloaded from AppStore. My computer:


MOTHER: MSI b250m pro vdh

CPU: i-7700k 4.2 Ghz

Graphic Card: integrated: intel hd 630 (i turned it off in bios) | Discrete: Nvidia 1050 ti (Inno3d)

RAM: 16gb crucial ddr4-2133 (1066mhz)  (16 gb in 1 stick)

HDD: seagete 1tb

SSD: I turned it off, it has windows 7 on it.


I have loaded clover, presssed 'bootmacOS Install' and it gave me this: 


OSsxAptioFix3Drv: Starting overrides for \.IABootFiles\boot.efi

Using reloc block: no, hibernate wake: no


I understand that such forums demands some sort of logs. So If I may to list my noob questions:


1. Where to read how to right log and what to attach to get adequate help?

2. HOW to change clover settings if I need to get through this error? Should I reinstall clover on USB or I can adjust settings via options on start screen of clover boot?

3. What to do with my error (probably need to attched some logs)





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apiantiHervé big THanks!

I read clover instructions pdf now, google, opened like 50 tabs... I get that HighSierra uses APFS, and it may have some issues with my HDD, though I also found some solutions.


Hmm.. Maybe I would be able to find sierra 10.12.6... Thank you so much for your assistance, I will return with describing my problems and their solutions for all those who might have the same qusetions.

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yay. I think I did it. Only need to tweak videocard and audio. Lan is workingg already with the whole system.

For my specs I used this guide, it has ready clover files and some specified instructions for different hardware https://hackintosher.com/guides/high-sierra-install-full-guide/ 

If you dont allow links I will lately write my steps and errors, to sum up this.

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Ok. Everything works fine. I have another question: what else should I do after hackintosh install? Everything works fine, I heard also that there's some trim command for SSD. I have additional SSD with windows on it. If I will plug it in can hackintosh damage it? Should I use trim command?

Is there any checkup list with possible issues I should prevent before they burn my hardware?

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