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Rx 580 H264/ H265 encoding decoding troubles


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Hello guys, I just bought a rx580 Sapphire 8go limited edition after reading so many times everywhere that it was working oob.

That's true that I'm not suffering anymore waiting for Nvidia web driver and the system and security update aren't anymore or less a problem

but I'm using meanly my hack for photo and video editing with FCPX

and right now I'm stuck like not being able to export my video in H264 format and in H265 I'm able only to use the 10 bits one which don't need hardware encoding 

Buying that graphic card was to improve my video editing , so it's the mess

So please stop saying rx580 are working out of the box as they are for main purposes but not all of them

If any one can lead me to a solution , I 'll greatly appreciate it 

thanks in advance


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Thanks for the link ...My question is , as my mobo doesn't have any integrated graphics , does it change something to enable IntelHDgraphics when there isn't any intel graphic chipset in my computer ? 

I tried the solution proposed in the link of the previous message 

I tried it with 2 smsbios:  smsbios 15,1 & smsbios 19,1 ( I found that one on a forum and under that one I was able to export H264 with FCPX but without hardware acceleration and HEVC 10 bits ( very long ) no 8 bits  option ) ( meaning I could have a 300€ piece of cheese instead of the rx580 it'll be almost the same result )

The whatevergreen kext seems to put the mess in my monitor position ( one horizontal and one vertical ) as the computer doesn't remember the position which is quite annoying at every start because the mouse gesture is inverted and offset to be able to get the monitor configuration under system preferences

with the 2 smsbios with lilu and whatevergreen kext I'm able to export HEVC in 10 bits ( no hardware acceleration needed for that one ) and also 8 bits which is a great progress but impossible to export under H264 format 

I tried with videoproc who's able to export with both HEVC format and H264 too. But if I want to check my hardware encoding decoding ability under the option menu of video-roc it freeze my computer and my graphic card seems not to be recognized . 

So it does help me a bit , but is a bit complicated to do on every day working station

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