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  1. hi i'm sorry but at this point it's going too far for my knowledge . It seems that what you did for HD 4600Igpu put the troubles . As i have only one GPU , no Gpu embbed in my X99 Motherboard i can't really help you , sorry
  2. ok thanks for your reactivity . I'll look for someone used to Gigabyte firmware thanks
  3. Hi KGP , I'm the oner of a X99 hackintosch with a Gigabyte X99 UD4 mainboard and a I7. 5930K proc I followed your guide line by line and I didn't went so far with my newbie knowledge I was able to do the CPU microcode update the bios F24b ( thanks to your very good explanation). I followed the MSR 0xE2 register unlock for OSX Kernel Write but it didn't patch anything ( I read somewhere else that maybe my mainboard doesn't need that , can you confirm ?) Then I rename the bios exactly like it was before but I ended with an unreadable bios when I'm trying to flash it . Do you know what is wrong ? So you see I still have a long path to follow to get a proper hackintosch running under Mojave
  4. My pleasure....happy that it did help ...
  5. hello I got the same problem with a rx580 on x99 mobo and Mojave I found out that it was coming from whatergreen kext that my system don't need anymore I kept the lilu.kext , get rid of the whatever green and was able to find back my monitor configuration at every boot hope it'll help you
  6. autantpourmoi

    Rx 580 H264/ H265 encoding decoding troubles

    Thanks for the link ...My question is , as my mobo doesn't have any integrated graphics , does it change something to enable IntelHDgraphics when there isn't any intel graphic chipset in my computer ? I tried the solution proposed in the link of the previous message I tried it with 2 smsbios: smsbios 15,1 & smsbios 19,1 ( I found that one on a forum and under that one I was able to export H264 with FCPX but without hardware acceleration and HEVC 10 bits ( very long ) no 8 bits option ) ( meaning I could have a 300€ piece of cheese instead of the rx580 it'll be almost the same result ) The whatevergreen kext seems to put the mess in my monitor position ( one horizontal and one vertical ) as the computer doesn't remember the position which is quite annoying at every start because the mouse gesture is inverted and offset to be able to get the monitor configuration under system preferences with the 2 smsbios with lilu and whatevergreen kext I'm able to export HEVC in 10 bits ( no hardware acceleration needed for that one ) and also 8 bits which is a great progress but impossible to export under H264 format I tried with videoproc who's able to export with both HEVC format and H264 too. But if I want to check my hardware encoding decoding ability under the option menu of video-roc it freeze my computer and my graphic card seems not to be recognized . So it does help me a bit , but is a bit complicated to do on every day working station
  7. autantpourmoi

    Rx 580 H264/ H265 encoding decoding troubles

    Hello guys, I just bought a rx580 Sapphire 8go limited edition after reading so many times everywhere that it was working oob. That's true that I'm not suffering anymore waiting for Nvidia web driver and the system and security update aren't anymore or less a problem but I'm using meanly my hack for photo and video editing with FCPX and right now I'm stuck like not being able to export my video in H264 format and in H265 I'm able only to use the 10 bits one which don't need hardware encoding Buying that graphic card was to improve my video editing , so it's the mess So please stop saying rx580 are working out of the box as they are for main purposes but not all of them If any one can lead me to a solution , I 'll greatly appreciate it thanks in advance
  8. autantpourmoi

    Sleeping mode

    Hello , I just put a new M2 samsung ssd disk in my hack and a And rx 580 sapphire 8go and installed High Sierra 10.13.6 , everything seems ok except the sleeping mode When I go to sleeping mode , the 2 monitors will turn to sleeping mode and after 3 to 5 sec the computer too , but the computer restart in a kind os stand by mode while the monitors still black Is it a normal behaviour which I'm doubting about it , is there any way to keep the computer in sleep and reactivate it by keys? any help will be appreciated
  9. autantpourmoi

    Mojave rx580

    Hi guys, just be careful to say that the rx580 8g is working oob... That's what I did read everywhere and bought one as I'm using my hack for photo and video editing . There's a problem with fcpx and this card as for now it's impossible to export movies in H264 with this card which is a big problem too me. Just to aware some people who wants to upgrade their graphic card with that one .
  10. autantpourmoi

    Forget Intel Quicksync! How to make your RX 580 act like a Vega!

    hi guys, i'm looking for a solution for that H264 export too...As i'm not a computer ingenior i guess that your troubles with igpu only concern motherboard with integrated graphic hardware which isn'tmy case with a X99 ud4 gigabyte motherboard.Meaning that even if you found a solution to that problem it may not work for me...i'm really considering to sell quickly that amd rx580 before i lost too much money and going back to nvidia
  11. autantpourmoi

    Forget Intel Quicksync! How to make your RX 580 act like a Vega!

    I Feel exactly the same , coming from Nvidia gtx970 who at least was doing the job....
  12. autantpourmoi

    the installer ressources are expired

    Thanks so much Ricoc90 , i did use the method thru the terminal sudo ntpdate -u "time.apple.com" and it worked i cloned back my Sierra system on my BackUpSystem SSD, restarted under the backupsystem, updated the time and restarted the install and it worked really thank again for that tip, you saved my day
  13. autantpourmoi

    the installer ressources are expired

    Hi Ricoc and thanks for your help . the time in my bios is correct . To be more precise, i'm trying to update from sierra 10.12.6 to high sierra 10.13.4 on my ssd BackUpSystem keeping my MacOS Sierra safe. So if i understand well, i should use the terminal on my safe sierra system to update the time , than delete the install folder on the ssd i was trying to update and restart the all process of install , right ?
  14. Hi, everyone i'm trying to update my 10.12.6 macOS to highsierra 10.13.4 everything went fine until first reboot i'm stuck on that screen " you can't installed macOS on that computer, the installer ressources are expired " Do you have any idea where it is coming from ?thanks
  15. autantpourmoi

    macOS Sierra 10.12.5 is out …

    Install with new webdriver ... Everything looks ok so far