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Links for the Weekend: November 18-19


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If you’re looking for one more beta to test out, then give Skype 2.5B a spin. Now featuring SMS, it’s worth a try... If you’ve ever wanted to know a little more about your Mac, or anyone else’s, then check out Mactracker, which gives you detailed information about Apple hardware than you'd need... For all of you folks wrapped up in the Class Action Suit regarding defective Apple Studio Displays, you’ve finally gotten what you’ve asked for. Apple has agreed to refund affected customers (only in US) anywhere from US$75 - $400 depending on what repairs were made... Over at the Washington Post, The Woz himself can be heard live, November 21, discussing his book, iWoz. You can also submit questions that may be featured... By mid-2007 iPod integration will be even more ubiquitous, now being featured in airplanes. So far they’ve teamed up with airlines such as Continental, United, and four others...


If you haven’t managed to take a look at sandwer’s Cube Upgrade, then head over to his blog, SWITCH! He was able to place a Mac Mini into a cube enclosure and it turned out great... With almost every beautiful product that Apple makes, there's usually a discussion about whether function has been sacrificed on the altar of looks. Is that so? Let us know in the latest of the Great Debates - Form vs. Function... And finally, with the holiday season coming around,

to switch to a Mac?
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