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NVMe Temperatures in macOS

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I have a Toshiba 512 GB M.2 NVMe drive (THNSF5512GPUK).  It is my boot drive for macOS and I am currently running beta 11 of Mojave but the macOS version does not seem to make any difference.  There is a huge discrepancy between the temperature of the drive when idling in Windows 10 versus macOS.  In the photo of Speedfan below, the NVMe drive is listed as HD1 and the idle temp is 39C.  In macOS, the idle temp is typically in excess of 61C. Has anyone had different experiences with their NVMe drive?  Any ideas what is causing the excessive heat in macOS? (In all fairness, I would expect some increased temperature in macOS since it is the boot drive.  Windows 10 is installed on a HDD so that the NVMe drive is truly idling.  Still, the temperature discrepancy is very significant and, when running my virtual machine of Windows 10 -which is different than the installation of Windows 10 on my HDD, the temp is usually around 70C.)





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2 hours ago, Allan said:


Thanks Allan.  I saw that article before I posted this.  The article shows a way to monitor NVMe drives but not to change their behavior.  Someone on this forum (sorry I forget who) developed a command line app to obtain SMART info for NVMe drives and I used that originally to monitor my NVMe temp.  It prompted me to buy a copper heatsink for it but that only cooled the drive by about 5C.  Now, iStat Menus has a sensor that reads NVMe temps and VirtualSMC will read NVMe temps using HWMonitor.  


I typically use my laptop on my lap because, at lap distance, I don't need to use reading glasses.  But I can feel the burn on my leg when the drive heats up over 70C.  I really don't know why it would run so much cooler in Windows.




To use the app, just drag it into a Terminal window and type the disk number you want to check.  For me, my NVMe is disk0.

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