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Is OSX86 doomed?

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In a word: No.

Apple will never move Pro range from x86. They may move MacBook one day but Adobe are not going to move Creative Suite to ARM and simply put it sells too many Macs.

Intel also have the capability to blow away ARM offerings should they need to. Apple moving to ARM would be too symbolic to the rest of the world of the end of desktop computing on x86.

Intel bringing AMD Vega iGPUs should show already how much Intel is willing to bend over backward to make sure that their main customer sticks with them, but Intel has stalled the PC industry with it's lack of performance gains since Sandy Bridge.

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Also, I might add this interesting facet.

If Apple did transition completely to ARM, that could likely be fantastic news. All the existing x86 code now has no value to them so likely won't be compiled for x86 at any point in their chain post EOL, updates clearly won't work for existing models and hacks without recompilation to x86, and recompiling software to another arch would be a great test case for the 'making parts for existing but out of production goods' protections in copyright law that China loves so much.

Essentially it would be like handing over the source of OS X to hackintosh devs, and the existing Macs would eventually rely on the community for updates. What's the best developed, community and OS centric dev space right now on Mac: Hackintoshers


We're the Apple equivalent of the Android OS dev forums.


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