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How to make AppleHDAController load on Ryzen boards?

  • Rename(/add) your audio controller to your DSDT/SSDT as HDEF
  • Add a _DSM method to your HDEF device with layout id 1
  • Patch the AppleHDAController binary, because it has a static table containing the supported PCI Vendor/DeviceID pairs and it also checks the VendorID against known values. As an example I provide a dif file and patched 10.13.3 binary, but if you want to I can patch the binary for other versions.


After AppleHDAController loads to actually get sound working you need to patch AppleHDA.kext for the codec on your board. First I tried to use Lilu+AppleALC for this task, but for some reason it refused to work. (I might look into it later why) But for the time being it was easier to use toleda's cloverALC script for that, but to make it work I had to change(/remove) the specified location of the HDEF device from the script. And for some reason it also required me to mount the EFI partition manually.


Change this:

if [[ $(cat /tmp/HDEF.txt | grep -c "HDEF@1") != 0 ]]; then

Into this:

if [[ $(cat /tmp/HDEF.txt | grep -c "HDEF") != 0 ]]; then




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13 hours ago, XLNC said:

will this work on FX boards ?

I don't own any FX hardware so I can't test it, but it should work. Although the PCI device ID might need changing in the binary. If you can tell me the Vendor and Device ID of your HDEF device from IOReg I could try making a binary patched for FX.

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2 hours ago, XLNC said:

sure ! here is my ioreg attached . 
and btw i am using sierra 10.12.6 .


Can you please attach the unmodified AppleHDAController binary from 10.12.6, because I don't have Sierra installed anymore?

(EDIT: I can't open your IOReg dump, please use IORegistryExplorer 2.1 (attached)


EDIT: dump opens fine in IOReg 3.0.2

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