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  1. Trying to run Sierra VM on my R7 1700 system, but I keep getting at 'Waiting on.....' Screenshot included EDIT: I'm installing from a SPUD layout HFS+J dmg I created from the latest AppStore version of Sierra using Bronya's kernel and I rebuilt the kernelcache of the dmg on my macbook.
  2. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Works really well but i needed to use a newer version of winsce what i salvaged from msi command center Mobo: ASUS p8b75-v newest bios tested with FTK flashed patched bios sucessfully
  3. AMD 7970 Working With Full QE !

    i have a radeon hd 7770 and i have a lot of errors in my dsdt please help me how to use this injection http://x9.atw.hu/dsdt.aml