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Found 50 results

  1. On 8/20/2018 at 5:22PM, TessereKt said: On 8/21/2018 at 7:34AM, insanelyDeepak said: @insanelyDeepak, I would like to try cloverHDA, but I need help understanding how to use it. I have an Asus laptop that uses Realtek ALC295. My questions with regard to using cloverHDA: 1. I am running High Sierra (10.13.6). Is cloverHDA directly compatible? If not, can it easily be made compatible with adjustments I can apply? 2. What needs to be done with the original AppleHDA.kext that is already present in /S/L/E? Should it be left alone? Should it be removed? If it is removed, does the AppleHDA.kext that comes with cloverHDA, for example /Vanilla AppleHDA/Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6/AppleHDA.kext, need to be installed in its place? 3. In the 21 aug 18 reply to TessereKt, you mentioned "there is ALCPluxfix must install this." I noticed that there is a directory for alc_fix in one ALC295 directory (the ALC295_v2 Asus UX430UA directory) but not in the other ALC 295 directory that is provided (the ALC295/3254 directory). In which situation(s) is ALCPlugFix required? 4. My pathmaps are somewhat different from those in the cloverHDA.kext. Is there an easy way for me to customize the kext? For example, if I just switch the values in the xml files, will that be enough? Or does the whole thing then need to be recompiled? needed pathmaps: 33-2 23-3 7-36-18 9-34-19 (My highest priority for the moment is getting headphone working, which is 33-2, and I might even be able to use the 33-3 that is already included. But I would like to eventually get all of them working.)
  2. I have a receiver with 7.1 channels, in which I transmit the formats Dolby Digital and DTS without problems by Windows, through the HDMI output of HD4000. On that same Laptop, I have the Hackintosh, with the High Sierra 10.13.6, and with audio enabled using AppleALC, but in the audio preferences, I can not enable the Digital audio format. Also did not find players like Mirillis SplashPro (which I have used in Windows) with the option of HDMI output Bitstream. Is it possible to enable this digital output on Hackintosh?
  3. Hi, Here it is (attached) for anyone who needs it for patching or restoring! Taken from macOS 10.14 Beta 1 18A293u Regards, Mohamed AppleHDA_282.5.kext.zip
  4. How to make AppleHDAController load on Ryzen boards? Rename(/add) your audio controller to your DSDT/SSDT as HDEF Add a _DSM method to your HDEF device with layout id 1 Patch the AppleHDAController binary, because it has a static table containing the supported PCI Vendor/DeviceID pairs and it also checks the VendorID against known values. As an example I provide a dif file and patched 10.13.3 binary, but if you want to I can patch the binary for other versions. After AppleHDAController loads to actually get sound working you need to patch AppleHDA.kext for the codec on your board. First I tried to use Lilu+AppleALC for this task, but for some reason it refused to work. (I might look into it later why) But for the time being it was easier to use toleda's cloverALC script for that, but to make it work I had to change(/remove) the specified location of the HDEF device from the script. And for some reason it also required me to mount the EFI partition manually. Change this: if [[ $(cat /tmp/HDEF.txt | grep -c "HDEF@1") != 0 ]]; then Into this: if [[ $(cat /tmp/HDEF.txt | grep -c "HDEF") != 0 ]]; then AppleHDAController_Patched10.13.3 AppleHDAController-10.13.3-AMD.bdiff
  5. yungyulli

    AppleHDA popping sound help

    okay so I patched applehda and apparently it works? but there is no sound. when I laptop turns on and I log into my macOS there is a pop in my internal speakers. does anyone no why? I think this pop/crack is stopping my audio or something.
  6. i need to reset applehda every time i restart my laptop please help in fixing applehda permanently. my laptop model HP 14-AC149TX Hardware info: - Realtek ALC282 (10ec:0282) Rev.(00100003) - Controller 8086:9ca0 (sub-ven:103c:80c2) - Driver: AppleHDA.kext
  7. Hello all. I have tried for DAYS now to get this working, it's an i5 Lenovo T410, and I did the BIOS whitelist, installed what I needed and everything is working flawlessly EXCEPT audio. I have installed many different flavors of AppleHDA, tried VooDooHDA (Not an option, KP every time) and I simply cannot figure this one out. I'm one of those types that if I'm reaching out for tech support, you can know I've tried everything. I even did a codec dump from Ububtu Live USB key, so I am really stuck and this is for a friend i NEED to get this done cause it's been WAY too long. So here is a zip of everything. The DSDT raw and the one I tried edited. The DarwinDumper info. and the AppleHDA, HDAEnabler, and a screen cap from DPCIManager which shows it is a Conexant CX20585 with Codec ID 0x14F15069. Anyone who can help me figure this out I would be most appreciative, thanks in advance. iKahuna The files are here and thanks again to the guru that solves this conundrum,.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/qv8lrtoivjs8br5/T410-Audio-Help-iKahuna.zip
  8. I dont know what it is, but my Internal laptop Mic is detected thanks to the patched AppleHDA, and OSX reports it as working, but no matter how loud, the input seems to be 0..Internal speakers and microphone/Headphone jack all work wonderfully. I use audio layout 3 Any help would be appreciated... Realtek ALC233 Asus X550LDV Intel core i7 Mac OSX 10.9.5 (sound has always worked with patched AppleHDA, in many OSX versions, but the mic never has, and it would be so awesome if it did) Thanks a lot! Attaching pictures of system info, sound pref, and midi setup
  9. Mestiso

    ALC269VC on Sony VAIO SVE1512

    Hi, I'm on OSX since 10.5 and 4 laptops to date, but this one is a pain. I have a sloppy, but working Clover based 10.11.1 on HDD, but since I just bought a SSD drive, I decided to start from scratch, looking for latest solutions. I found an excellent guide for similar device, but audio does not work. I do have a semi working patched AppleHDA, v2.5.3 by Mirone (attached), found somewhere years ago, but in the past I had some issues after wake (seems ok now) and audio through HDMI does not work. Thing is that apparently my ALC269VC is somehow a very rare thing manufactured by Sony, I can't really find any proper solution. I thought that someone could help me doing this properly once for all, using DummyHDA to persist stuff between updates. Device info: CodecCommander: ....CodecVendor Id: 0x10ec0269CodecCommander: ....Codec Address: 0 CodecCommander: ....Subsystem Id: 0x104d6900 CodecCommander: ....PCI Sub Id: 0x104d90ab Vendor Id: 10ec:0269 Subsystem Id: 104d:6900 Revision Id: 100202 I do believe that this ALSA report here has the same HDA codec information as my device (ctrl+f Realtek ALC269VC). Any support would be greatly appreciated, with beer donations. Cheers! AppleHDA-ALC268VC-2.5.3-Mirone.kext.zip Sony VAIO SVE1512M1EW - Clover config, DSDT, codec dump and IOReg.zip
  10. Hi there, I was using VoodooHDA for audio, but I can't get mic working, so I uninstalled VoodooHDA and now I'm trying to patch AppleHDA using Mirone's AppleHDA Patcher App. my codec is Realtek ALC255, I have one untouched AppleHDA.kext that I copied when I finish installation before install anything, I dragged this and my config.plist to AppleHDA Patcher; selected my codec and pressed patch AppleHDA, it generate some files in my desktop, I get the AppleHDA.kext that it generates and also config.plist, installed kext using KextUtility 2.6.6 and copied config.plist to CLOVER folder in my EFI. didn't worked, in PDF that AppleHDA Patch generated says: this is the patch that it is talking about: system_IRQ.txt and this is other patch that the AppleHDA Patch generates: HDEF_Patch.txt I'm trying to compile my DSDT with this patch system_IRQ.txt, but get the errors that I exposed in this post Someone know an alternative way that I can get Audio and mic working as well? this is my codec_dump: codec_dump.txt and my actual config.plist: config.plist.zip before I forget, I already tried to patch using Pandora's box's Zeus App and neither worked. thank you for your time!
  11. Buongiorno ragazzi, sono nuovo del forum, e avrei bisogno del vostro aiuto... In pratica ho un computer asus x53sc (o k53sc), con su installato OS X mavericks 10.9.2... Funziona tutto, ma voglio sostituire il kext voodoo con applehda... Le ho provate tutte, ho cercato dovunque, ma nessun kext funziona... Penso vada editato il dsdt, ma io non sono molto capace, e non ho trovato nessuna guida che spiega passo passo come corregere i vari errori che si trovano, siccome non erano gli stessi che riportava il mio.. L'unica cosa che sono riuscito a fare, è stato il fix degli errori del dsdt, ma poi non sapevo come risolvere i warnings ecc...quindi ho lasciato perdere... Qualcuno potrebbe darmi una mano? Le caratteristiche del mio pc sono: Processore Intel Core I7 2630QM 2.0 GHZ Ram 4 GB ddr3 Schede video Intel graphics 3000 HD/nvidia ge force gt 520mx ed infine la protagonista del mio problema: Scheda audio realtek alc 269.... In allegato vi lascio il mio dsdt, magari qualcuno può darmi una mano... Se vi serve sapere altro chiedete pure...Spero di essere stato chiaro e di non aver sbagliato nulla contro il forum.. Grazie in anticipo Buona giornata :] dsdt.aml.zip
  12. Version


    One file is for 10.9.2 another for 10.9.3. Recommended If you don't want to use the patched AppleHDA download the Dummy HDA. Read the READ ME to get it working Perfectly. Update 1: Using DummyHDA.kext to load AppleHDA( this means no more sound loss on update ). thanks to Pokenguyen. To get the dummyHDA.kext to work configure Clover to patch AppleHDA. Further instructions in the zip file. Open read me first! Enjoy. HIT LIKE if it works!
  13. nyolc8

    10.9 DP7 AppleHDA for ALC662

    Version 2.5.2fc2


    You need AppleHDA Enabler/injector kext with layout id 12 or DSDT device HDEF: Device (HDEF) { Name (_ADR, 0x001B0000) Method (_PRW, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (Package (0x02) { 0x09, 0x05 }) } Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x06) { "built-in", Buffer (One) { 0x01 }, "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "PinConfigurations", Buffer (Zero) {} }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } }
  14. Yosemite: Audio - Realtek ALC AppleHDA - Deprecated For Realtek ALC885 through ALC1150 on board audio codecs Yosemite/solutions/support, see El Capitan: Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio Enables Realtek ALC on board audio for Intel motherboards running Yosemite. Requires installed native AppleHDA.kext. Codec specific script edits binaries and installs specific files. Depending on user requirements, 3 Realtek ALC AppleHDA installation techniques are available. Change Log 10/18/15 - Deprecated v3.4 - 1/8/2015: audio_cloverALC-100/audio_realtekALC-100 (v1.0.4) release; 887/888 legacy detection, ALC1150 patch fix, Clover/Legacy support, bug fixes v3.3 - 12/27/2014: No Audio after Sleep/Wake, credit: TimeWalker75a, see Note 6. v3.2 - 11/29/2014: BRIX/ALC269, BRIX Pro/ALC283 and NUC/ALC283 Support, see Note 5. v3.1 - 11/15/2014: x99 audio, see Post #237, Haswell-E mach_kernel patch (5960X, 5830K and 5820K) v3.0 - 10/15/2014 - Yosemite Release v2.1- 8/12/2014 - 9 Series/EAPD added to 887, 892, 898, 1150, credit: kidalive v2.0 - 8/12/2014 - v2 AppleHDA.kext patch scripts available; easier, simpler and faster. v1.1 - 6/130/14 - Yosemite/Realtek ALC AppleHDA Support Kext Available - credit PikeRAlpha v1.0 - 6/14/14 - Yosemite (DP - initial support) Yosemite/New Feature 9 Series AppleHDA.kext support New User/First Time/Yosemite Audio Determine motherboard audio codec (Realtek ALCxxx) Source: User manual, specifications, website Supported: ALC885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898 or 1150 Audio Codec is: ALCxxx Recommended Audio Selections Chameleon/Clover Injection Audio ID: 1 ALCxxx Requirements OS X versions supported: Yosemite/10.10, see Notes 1 and 2, below Native AppleHDA.kext Need native, see Restore native AppleHDA [Guide].pdf Realtek ALC, one of the following Device_ID - Codec Name Not sure, see Notes 3, below Supported motherboard on board audio codecs 10ec0885 - ALC885/ALC889a 10ec0887 (v100202 and v100302) - ALC887/ALC888b 10ec0888 (v100202 and v100302) - ALC888/ALC888s 10ec0889 - ALC889 10ec0892 - ALC892 10ec0899 - ALC898 10ec0900 - ALC1150 Supported Audio-IDs (Audio_ID = layout-id), select one Audio IDs Audio_ID: 1 - 5/6 port Realtek ALC onboard audio and HD5K/AMD/Nvidia HDMI audio Audio_ID: 2 - 3 port Realtek ALC onboard audio and HD5K/AMD/Nvidia HDMI audio Audio_ID: 3 - 3/5/6 port Realtek ALC onboard audio and HD3K/HD4K/AMD/Nvidia HDMI audio Details Audio_IDs: 1 and 2 support analog 5.1 surround sound, 3 does not Audio_IDs: 1, 2 and 3 require HDMI audio dsdt edits/ssdts for HDMI audio Audio_ID Injection, select one Supported Realtek ALC Injection methods, see audio_ALCInjection HDEF/kext/No dsdt/HDAEnabler_.kext = Audio_ID HDEF/dsdt/layout-id = Audio_ID, HDEF/ssdt/layout-id = Audio_ID HDEF/Clover/Config.plist/Devices/Audio/Inject = Audio_ID HDEF/Chameleon Installer/Customize/Setting/HDEF Layout/ Verification, see Notes 4, below Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio Patch Methods v2 - select one realtekALC/patch in place- new script detects the codec and patches the native AppleHDA.kext for ALC onboard audio. Run the same script to restore audio after Software Update Piker-Alpha AppleHDA8series - installs an audio support kext for ALC onboard audio. AppleHDA.kext remains native and the technique survives most Software Updates. Credit: Piker-Alpha cloverALC/Clover patched - automatically detects codec and installs all audio files and patches for ALC onboard audio. Audio survives most Software Updates. Install once and done. Credit: abxite 1. realtekALC/patch in place New script detects the codec and patches the native AppleHDA.kext for ALC onboard audio. Run the same script to restore audio after Software Update. realtekALC/patch in place Bootloaders: Chimera, Chameleon, Clover Software Update: run same script after update restart More Info: audio_RealtekALC Installation - realtekALC Download: (View Raw) audio_realtekALC-100.command.zip Double click: Downloads/audio_realtekALC-100.command Password? Verify Codec - y/n? (885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150 only) Enable HD4600 HDMI audio - y/n? (887, 892, 898, 1150 only) Restart Verify Patched AppleHDA kext installed S/L/E/AppleHDA.kext_vx.x-toledaALCxxx Verify ALC onboard audio System Preferences/Sound/Output/select audio device 2. Piker-Alpha AppleHDA8series installs an audio support kext for ALC onboard audio. AppleHDA.kext remains native and the technique survives most Software Updates. Credit: Piker-Alpha Piker-Alpha AppleHDA8series Bootloaders: Chimera, Chameleon, Clover Software Update: persistent, no action required More Info: audio_pikeralphaALC Installation - AppleHDA8Series Piker-Alpha/AppleHDA8Series.sh Download Zip $ cd Downloads/AppleHDA8Series.sh-master Chameleon/Chimera/Clover - no AppleHDA binary patch $ ./AppleHDA8Series.sh -b AppleHDA $ ./AppleHDA8Series.sh -b AppleHDA -b AppleHDAController Clover - with AppleHDA kext patch(es) $ ./AppleHDA8Series.sh Password Codec Layout Install S/L/E Reboot Verify ALC AppleHDA8Series kext installed S/L/E/AppleHDAxxx Verify ALC onboard audio System Preferences/Sound/Output/select audio device 3. cloverALC/Clover patched Automatically detects codec and installs all audio files and patches for ALC onboard audio. Audio persists after most Software Updates. Install once and done. Credit: abxite cloverALC/Clover patched Bootloaders: Clover Software Update: persistent, no action required More Info: audio_CloverALC Installation - cloverALC (See Note 3) Download: (View Raw) audio_cloverALC-100.command.zip Double click Downloads/clover-90_patch_v2.command Password? Verify Codec - y/n? (885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150 only) 1150 Only: see note 5. before restarting Restart Verify ALC onboard audio System Preferences/Sound/Output/select audio device Notes 10.10 and newer/Boot flags Clover/config.plist Mandatory, Add: Boot/Arguments/kext-dev-mode=1 Remove: Boot/Arguments/npci=0x3000 Chameleon/Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist Mandatory:, Add: Kernel Flags//kext-dev-mode=1 Remove Kernel Flags/npci=0x3000 AppleHDA.kext version matters AppleHDA.kext can be the same as or earlier than the installed OS X version AppleHDA.kext does not work if newer than the installed OS X version Audio Codec Verification/DPCIManager see Tools 2. See Status/Codec ID/Revision, note Codec ID Verify Requirements/2. Realtek ALC/1. Supported audio codecs, above Audio_ID verification/IORegistryExplorer see Tools 3. Search: HDEF Locate: layout-id (right pane, scroll down) Verify: <01 00 00 00> or <02 00 00 00> or <03 00 00 00> BRIX/ALC269, BRIX Pro/ALC283 and NUC/ALC283 Support Installation methods realtekALC/patch in place Piker-Alpha AppleHDA8series (N/A) cloverALC/Clover patched Audio Devices ALC269 - BRIX/Headphones and SPDIF out ALC283 - BRIX Pro and NUC/Headphones (Microphone is not supported) HDMI audio with dsdt edits or ssdt: see HDMI Audio AppleHDA ​​No Audio after Sleep/Wake Codec-Commander, credit TimeWalker75a Instructions: Post #333, Yosemite: Audio - Realtek ALC AppleHDA Unsupported/Non-working Realtek ALC AppleHDA.kext 887_v100101 and earlier 888_v100101 and earlier Asus P67H67 3xxx BIOS: Phantom codec Workaround: 2xxx BIOS downgrade, 7/8 Series upgrade MSI motherboards, pre Sandy Bridge Workaround: 6/7/8 Series upgrade AC97 (Front Panel) Workaround: HD Audio Realtek ALC Speakers Audio ID: 1 and 3, match speaker connector color to same motherboard/case port color Audio ID: 2 (3 port motherboard audio) Plug black connector into blue motherboard port for rear speakers Plug green connector into green motherboard port for front speakers Plug orange connector into pink motherboard port for center/sub speakers Front panel: Match connector color to same case port color Optional Installs Configure 5.1 Surround Sound Aggregate Device (Not available with Audio ID: 3) Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup/Audio Devices/+/Create Aggregate Device Select (in order) Built-in Output Built-in Line Output (1st) Built-in Line Output (2nd) Configure Speakers Multichannel 5.1 Surround Apply/Done Connect Audio Input to Audio Output Line In - http://www.rogueamoeba.com/freebies/ More Information - audio_ALC_guides Capabilities - Realtek ALC AppleHDA_v2 [Guide].pdf ex., Audio_ID Configurations, Surround sound, audio popping, USB start up problem Customization - Realtek ALC AppleHDA_v2 [Guide].pdf ex., Manual speaker and headphone selection, Substitute SPDIF-2 Wire Output Screenshots - Realtek ALC AppleHDA_v2.pdf ex., System Information/Audio/Intel High Definition Audio, System Preferences/Sound/Output No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide].pdf ex., No audio devices, no sound, no codec No Sound - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide].pdf ​ex., Audio devices present, no sound when selected No Audio After Sleep/Wake - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Fixes].pdf ex., No audio devices on wake Surround Sound - Realtek ALC - AppleHDA [Guide].pdf ​​ex., Players, analog, optical Tools IORegistry Explorer (choose one) IORegistryExplorer_v2.1.zip (View Raw) IOJones MaciASL DPCIManager Kext Install utilities, i.e., Kext Wizard, Kext Utility, DPCIManager, etc. Troubleshooting - audio_ALC_guides See No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide].pdf See No Sound - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide].pdf See No Audio After Sleep:Wake - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Fixes].pdf Problem Reporting (Post to this thread with requested information attached) Description of audio problem OS X version/motherboard model/BIOS version/processor/graphics Procedure/Guide Used Copy of IOReg (Tools 1.) - File/Save a Copy As…, verify file (no ioreg.txt) Copy Of Console/All Messages (last boot)/File/Save a Copy As.. Installed S/L/E/AppleHDA.kext or AppleHDA8Series AppleHDAxxx kext Screen shots: DPCIManager/Status (Tools 3.) System Information/Hardware/Audio/Intel High Definition Audio (not Devices) Terminal/Shell/Export Test As. . . (if script used) audio_realtekALC-100.command AppleHDA8Series.sh audio_cloverALC-100.command Chameleon Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist DPCIManager/Misc/Boot Log Extra/dsdt.aml (if installed) Extra/ssdt.aml (if installed) Clover EFI/Clover/config.plist DPCIManager/Misc/Boot Log EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched/dsdt.aml (if installed) EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched/ssdt.aml (if installed) Credit THe KiNG [HOW TO] Patch AppleHDA - Knowledge Base - Project OS X Forums PikeRAlpha New style of AppleHDA.kext patching for Yosemite | Pike's Universum abxite http://applelife.ru/...06/#post-353647 TimeWalker75a, Post # 20, No sound after waking from sleep RevoGirl
  15. InsanelyMac Zip for AppleHDA.zip Hi all, I have download a patched AppleHDA for the VIA 1802 codec for Mavericks 10.9.2 here. (I couldn't find the exact one so I found the one closest to it, the one that worked for Mavericks 10.9.2) The sound is working nicely, except that the internal microphone isn't working. It seems like when I go into the Sound Preferences that the microphone is there, but it isn't working. The sensitivity bar never goes up or down marking that it is active, but whenever I start the computer and check, it seems like it is working, and then turns off... I will attach my DSDT and AppleHDA, since it has all of the Platforms.xml and layoutX.xml. I have used layout 3 as specified in the download I used, so that the audio will be detected properly, and I have also injected that layout into Clover. I will also attach my verbs.txt, codec_dump.txt, codec_dump.txt.svg, codec_dump_dec.txt, codec_dump_dec.txt.svg, and verbitdebug.txt. Hope this will help anyone who is searching for the same answer to this problem. EDIT: Forgot to add this to the description: In the dmesg and system.log I consistently get these sound assertions, and I get the ones below the dashed lines on boot... Sound assertion in AppleHDAWidget at line 2197 Sound assertion in AppleHDAWidget at line 3158 ------ Sound assertion in AppleHDACodecGeneric at line 352 Sound assertion in AppleHDAWidget at line 4271 Sound assertion in AppleHDACodecGeneric at line 1374 -AGuyWhoIsBored
  16. Hey guys, I seem to have a very weird problem, and I have no idea what the heck is happening. I updated to 10.9.3, and my AppleHDA kext was loading fine and everything. About 7 boots/reboots later, poof. It just won't load anymore. What the heck is this? I mean, it doesn't make sense at all. I have great people helping me with patched kexts like Mirone and Trucker MK, And it's really embarrassing when they spend so much time and through no fault of their own, the thing won't load in my system. Believe me, I have tried (I hope not) everything: -f, UseKernelCache=n, repairing perms with diskutil,Disk Utility, Kext wizard, Kext utility. Reinstalling the kext, deleting, then again.. You get the picture! When I look at my loaded kexts the only thing that's loaded is AppleHDAController. The rest is just mute, and I don't mean audio mute. Please tell me anything you can that could help. I mean I can't be the only one who's fac(ed)ing this problem can I? If you need any files, I'd be happy to provide Thanks so much.
  17. Hi guys! I got sound working in the first laptop in signature thanks to Mirone and his patched AppleHDA for ALC233. Then a nifty user helped me enable the internal microphone in my AppleHDA, because not even Mirone managed to after two tries. Now it works, but it is at a very low volume. This is when I whistle, and it is the loudest noise that the mic picks up: As you can see ambient noise reduction is disabled, so it is a very poor quality sound, but that still seems like a person shouting from 3 km away. If I enable it, there is no sound at all being recorded by the internal microphone. This screenshot below is of when I shout, with my face close to the webcam (where the mic is) with ambient noise reduction DISABLED, notice how low the volume it picks up That is precisely why Dictation features of OSX dont work.... It tries to pick up my voice, but it never is loud enough for it to detect. That feature would be great for my job.... Being able to just say to the computer what to write. Would save me hours of looking at the screen. Also I would be able to skype anytime, and as I use Mac OSX as my daily driver, for entertainment and work, Skype is also an important part of my job... If you would help me fix this and boost the microphone volume,I could talk to my GF and my bosses without having to boot windows just for that.. My USB microphone is the one from Guitar Hero II (very poor quality, even the internal one performs better, at least in Windows) I am therefore attaching all my ACPI files and my AppleHDA, so maybe YOU could help me figure out a way to fix this issue... AppleHDA.kext.zip kosakgroove ACPI.zip Any suggestion is deeply welcome and appreciated. BTW I use layout-id 3 in the DSDT and MacbookPro 11,2 SMBIOS. HDMI audio, headphone/microphone jack and speakers work perfectly, boosting the volume of the internal microphone is the last concern, and the biggest one I had since the beggining. How ironic. Thanks in advance.
  18. hey guys, I need the original AppleHDA for Yosemite 10.10.1 because i replaced it (unwanted) If someone has it and want to share it, feel free Greetings, Niklas
  19. Hola amigos de InsanelyMac, vengo a pedir ayuda, con la esperanza de que alguien me ayude un poco, Mi primer Hackintosh en la firma está al 98% completo, he arreglado varios problemas con el Bluetooth y el USB en la DSDT y he arreglado algunos problemas de ventilador y cosas que no funcionaban después de la suspensión. Estamos cerca del maximo potencial de este ordenadorcillo Lo único que falta arreglar es : 1- Nivel de Microfono muy bajo, ni siquiera Mirone consigue hacerle nada, creo que es imposible 2- El micro deja de funcionar por completo después de la suspensión AppleHDA ASUS X550LDV + IOREG Microphone.zip 3- El audio HDMI no funciona... aunque con el patch para el framebuffer que uso, en AppleIntelFramebufferAzul consigo tener el video HDMI funcionando muy bien, y el VGA también me funciona (algo que muchos creen imposible) jaja HDMI AND VGA IOREG PROOF.zip Me encantaría ponerme a arreglar estos problemas que me molestan bastante, siendo yo un Hackintosher que empezó para poder usar el Logic Pro para mi música, y he ido aprendiendo tanto en el proceso. Cualquier ayuda y/o sugerencia es más que bienvenida Ahi va mi carpeta Clover en /EFI para que veais mis patche y configuraciones y archivos ACPI CLOVER FOLDER.zip Saludos compañeros Mis kexts, todos vanilla, y algunos de terceros ACPIBatteryManager.kext ACPISensors.kext ALF.kext AMD2400Controller.kext AMD2600Controller.kext AMD3800Controller.kext AMD4600Controller.kext AMD4800Controller.kext AMD5000Controller.kext AMD6000Controller.kext AMD7000Controller.kext AMDFramebuffer.kext AMDRadeonVADriver.bundle AMDRadeonX3000.kext AMDRadeonX3000GLDriver.bundle AMDRadeonX4000.kext AMDRadeonX4000GLDriver.bundle AMDSupport.kext ATIRadeonX2000.kext ATIRadeonX2000GA.plugin ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver.bundle ATIRadeonX2000VADriver.bundle ATTOCelerityFC.kext ATTOExpressPCI4.kext ATTOExpressSASHBA.kext ATTOExpressSASHBA3.kext ATTOExpressSASRAID.kext Accusys6xxxx.kext AnyiSightCam.kext Apple16X50Serial.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext AppleAHCIPort.kext AppleAPIC.kext AppleBMC.kext AppleBacklight.kext AppleBacklightExpert.kext AppleBluetoothMultitouch.kext AppleCameraInterface.kext AppleEFIRuntime.kext AppleFDEKeyStore.kext AppleFSCompressionTypeDataless.kext AppleFSCompressionTypeLZVN.kext AppleFSCompressionTypeZlib.kext AppleFWAudio.kext AppleFileSystemDriver.kext AppleGraphicsControl.kext AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext AppleHDA.kext AppleHIDKeyboard.kext AppleHIDMouse.kext AppleHPET.kext AppleHSSPIHIDDriver.kext AppleHSSPISupport.kext AppleHWAccess.kext AppleHWSensor.kext AppleIRController.kext AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient.kext AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext AppleIntelHD3000Graphics.kext AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsGA.plugin AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsGLDriver.bundle AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsVADriver.bundle AppleIntelHD4000Graphics.kext AppleIntelHD4000GraphicsGLDriver.bundle AppleIntelHD4000GraphicsVADriver.bundle AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext AppleIntelHD5000GraphicsGLDriver.bundle AppleIntelHD5000GraphicsVADriver.bundle AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext AppleIntelHDGraphicsGA.plugin AppleIntelHDGraphicsGLDriver.bundle AppleIntelHDGraphicsVADriver.bundle AppleIntelHSWVA.bundle AppleIntelIVBVA.bundle AppleIntelLpssDmac.kext AppleIntelLpssGspi.kext AppleIntelLpssSpiController.kext AppleIntelMCEReporter.kext AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext AppleIntelSNBVA.bundle AppleKextExcludeList.kext AppleKeyStore.kext AppleKeyswitch.kext AppleLPC.kext AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext AppleMCCSControl.kext AppleMCEDriver.kext AppleMCP89RootPortPM.kext AppleMIDIFWDriver.plugin AppleMIDIIACDriver.plugin AppleMIDIRTPDriver.plugin AppleMIDIUSBDriver.plugin AppleMatch.kext AppleMikeyHIDDriver.kext AppleMobileDevice.kext AppleMultitouchDriver.kext ApplePlatformEnabler.kext AppleRAID.kext AppleRAIDCard.kext AppleRTC.kext AppleSDXC.kext AppleSEP.kext AppleSMBIOS.kext AppleSMBusController.kext AppleSMBusPCI.kext AppleSMC.kext AppleSMCLMU.kext AppleSRP.kext AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext AppleStorageDrivers.kext AppleThunderboltDPAdapters.kext AppleThunderboltEDMService.kext AppleThunderboltIP.kext AppleThunderboltNHI.kext AppleThunderboltPCIAdapters.kext AppleThunderboltUTDM.kext AppleTopCase.kext AppleTyMCEDriver.kext AppleUSBAudio.kext AppleUSBDisplays.kext AppleUSBEthernetHost.kext AppleUSBMultitouch.kext AppleUSBTopCase.kext AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext AppleVADriver.bundle AppleWWANAutoEject.kext AppleXsanFilter.kext Apple_iSight.kext AudioAUUC.kext BootCache.kext BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext BrcmPatchRAM.kext CPUSensors.kext CellPhoneHelper.kext CodecCommander.kext CoreStorage.kext DSACL.ppp DSAuth.ppp DVFamily.bundle DisableTurboBoostBattery.kext DisplayMergeNub.kext Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext EAP-KRB.ppp EAP-RSA.ppp EAP-TLS.ppp FakePCIID.kext FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio.kext FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext FakeSMC.kext FakeSMC_ACPISensors.kext FakeSMC_CPUSensors.kext GeForce.kext GeForceGA.plugin GeForceGLDriver.bundle GeForceTesla.kext GeForceTeslaGLDriver.bundle GeForceTeslaVADriver.bundle GeForceVADriver.bundle IO80211Family.kext IOACPIFamily.kext IOAHCIFamily.kext IOATAFamily.kext IOAVBFamily.kext IOAccelerator2D.plugin IOAcceleratorFamily.kext IOAcceleratorFamily2.kext IOAudioFamily.kext IOBDStorageFamily.kext IOBluetoothFamily.kext IOBluetoothHIDDriver.kext IOCDStorageFamily.kext IODVDStorageFamily.kext IOFireWireAVC.kext IOFireWireFamily.kext IOFireWireIP.kext IOFireWireSBP2.kext IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolTransport.kext IOGraphicsFamily.kext IOHDIXController.kext IOHIDFamily.kext IONDRVSupport.kext IONetworkingFamily.kext IOPCIFamily.kext IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext IOReportFamily.kext IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily.kext IOSCSIParallelFamily.kext IOSMBusFamily.kext IOSerialFamily.kext IOStorageFamily.kext IOStreamFamily.kext IOSurface.kext IOThunderboltFamily.kext IOTimeSyncFamily.kext IOUSBAttachedSCSI.kext IOUSBFamily.kext IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext IOUserEthernet.kext IOVideoFamily.kext IntelBacklight.kext JMicronATA.kext L2TP.ppp LPCSensors.kext NVDAGF100Hal.kext NVDAGK100Hal.kext NVDANV50HalTesla.kext NVDAResman.kext NVDAResmanTesla.kext NVDAStartup.kext NVSMU.kext OSvKernDSPLib.kext PPP.kext PPPSerial.ppp PPPoE.ppp PPTP.ppp Quarantine.kext Radius.ppp RealtekRTL8111.kext RemoteVirtualInterface.kext SMARTLib.plugin SMCMotionSensor.kext Sandbox.kext System.kext TMSafetyNet.kext acfs.kext acfsctl.kext autofs.kext cd9660.kext cddafs.kext corecrypto.kext exfat.kext iPodDriver.kext mcxalr.kext msdosfs.kext ntfs.kext pthread.kext smbfs.kext triggers.kext udf.kext vecLib.kext webcontentfilter.kext webdav_fs.kext
  20. Yesterday I installed Maverick 10.9 on my ASUS ZenBook UX31A and all was fine. But today sound card doesn't work. I don't understand what happend, but I see in dmesg some errors about link (?). Can someone explain what happend? I don't have any idea...
  21. thiagomorales

    AppleHDA 2.6.0f1 broken ALC662 (Rev1)

    Hi fellows. First all, since from Mountain Lion i have been patching AppleHDA in this computer (that uses ALC662 Rev1 codec - 0x10EC0662) without problems. Until 10.9.1 i was injecting LayoutID = 12 in DSDT, then using my PathMaps (Platforms), my Layout12.xml and my corrected verbs (Info.plist), everything was fine. With 10.9.2 release, i have patched the new AppleHDA as "normal" way. But it unexpectedly not worked. I have double checked everything... I got an 'clean' AppleHDA and did all changes again, step by step.. Tried to change LayoutID to 1 (on both DSDT and files, of course).. Can't get it to work. Tried to rollback to 2.5.3 version (working in 10.9.1), and for my surprise... Didn't worked. I have only AppleACPIPlatform.kext (with vanilla i get stuck at boot) and AMDRadeonX3000.kext (for QE on ATI 5430 mobility) patched in my install. But these kexts have been patched since Mountain Lion.. So i guess that it's not causing this trouble. Well, i have no idea what Apple changed in this release, that broken my sound. Recently, i have updated to 10.9.3 to try with new kexts, but the version of AppleHDA is the same... Same results on tests. Anyone has an idea? Thanks in advance. Ps: I have bin patched with bcc9 script (patch-hda - last version) Ps2: In System Information and Sound settings i get NO DEVICES. Ps3: HDEF infos are injected as well. (DSDT) - See IOREG attached.
  22. Hola, saludos a todos! Estoy probando con los kexts de audio en mi hackintosh, siempre usé VoodooHDA para tener audio en mi Gigabyte con codec VIA VT2021 y me funcionaba bastante bien a pesar de los constantes kernel panics que me ocasionaba el uso de dicho kext. Por eso decidí buscar un AppleHDA parcheado que funcione con mi codec y encontré uno que funciona perfectamente al inyectar un "layout-id" 12 desde el archivo DSDT. Ahora lo que quiero es hacer dicha "inyección" pero sin depender del uso de un DSDT parcheado. El método que encontré interesante es el de usar el módulo "HDAEnabler.dylib" para Chameleon que se encarga de hacerlo mediante el archivo o.c.B.p agregando "HDAEnabler=Yes" y "HDEFLayoutID=0C000000". Entonces hice lo siguiente: instalé Chameleon 2248, puse el archivo HDAEnabler.dylib en la carpeta "modules" y agregué lo siguiente al archivo o.c.B.p: <key>HDAEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>HDEFLayoutID</key> <string>0C000000</string> A pesar de hacer esto, cuando voy al apartado de Audio en Informe del Sistema me sigue apareciendo "ID de audio: 0" cuando al hacer la inyección desde DSDT me sale "ID de audio: 12". Probé con Chameleon 2248 y Enoch 2248 en 2 hackintosh pero en ningún caso funciona. No entiendo que estoy haciendo mal. Saludos!
  23. Hello, I have a problem like in topic. I can't make my ALC888 working... I found this entry: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280468-applehda-patching-in-mountain-lion/page__st__60#entry1840394 But patching isn't only thing I have to do i think ... i foud info that i need files like layout12.xml, info.plist, platrofms.xml but I don't know how to get them ... I realy want to do patching etc myself but I even doesn't know how to do this and how to get proper files. On SL 10.6.8 my sound was OK - everything worked (all line ins/outs) and all 5 speakers in my laptop worked ... I made DSDT like this: Device (HDEF) { Name (_ADR, 0x001B0000) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x08) { "subsystem-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x0D, 0x3A, 0x00, 0x00 }, "subsystem-vendor-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0xAA, 0x17, 0x00, 0x00 }, "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "PinConfigurations", Buffer (Zero) {} }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } Method (_PRW, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (GPRW (0x0D, 0x03)) } } And used kext from this guide (in Polish) http://forum.osx86.org.pl/topics33/lenovo-y530-poradnik-instalacji-mac-os-x-1068-vt5036.htm Then I made upgrade to ML 10.8.2 and - no sound, and I can't get it back ... Can someone help me?
  24. Version 2.4.7


    Patched AppleHDA for Conexant 20590 codec, works with latest Mountain Lion (12F45) was necessary these patches in DSDT. Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) // _DSM: Device-Specific Method { Store (Package (0x0A) { "hda-gfx", Buffer (0x0A) { "onboard-2" }, "model", Buffer (0x1A) { "HD Audio Conexant Cx20590" }, "device-type", Buffer (0x11) { "Audio Controller" }, "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "PinConfigurations", Buffer (Zero) {} }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } }
  25. Version 2.6.0


    Works with patch DSDT. In HDEF: Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) // _DSM: Device-Specific Method { Store (Package (0x06) { "hda-gfx", Buffer (0x0A) { "onboard-2" }, "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "PinConfigurations", Buffer (Zero) {} }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } } And IGPU (for HDMI audio) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) // _DSM: Device-Specific Method { Store (Package (0x0A) { "device-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x66, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00 }, "vendor-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x86, 0x80, 0x00, 0x00 }, "AAPL,ig-platform-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x03, 0x00, 0x66, 0x01 }, "hda-gfx", Buffer (0x0A) { "onboard-2" }, "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } } } Also works with Clover, using Device - Audio - Inject 12.