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OS X.5 Leopard or OS X.6 Snow Leopard Hackintosh with an i7 Processor?

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Is it possible to install an older OS X.5 Leopard or OS X.6 Snow Leopard Hackintosh system on a modern i7 processor PC?  


I need to to run either of those systems using an Intel Core i7-4770K Quad-Core Desktop Processor on a Gigabyte GA-Z87MX-D3H motherboard.


I saw this post where someone said “Clover 32Bit should boot Leopard as well, using Legacy mode. You will need 32bit kexts as well.”  https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/331457-bootloader-for-leopard/ .. Would that be valid advice for me to follow up on for my configuration?  I see that Clover 32 bit is no longer in development.. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/317521-good-bye-clover-32/


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Haswell CPUs are not compatible with SL. You'll need use a modified Kernel to use it.


Keep in mind that use SL with a modern CPU are not a good idea to use daily, it's good to temporarily, eg:

Access App Store to donwload the last version of macOS, if you don't have any other OS.


And SL are not a secure system, AFAIK Apple didn't send security updates anymore.

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Haswell platform support was introduced in Mountain Lion 10.8.5. Last hardware platform supported by Snow Leopard 10.6 is Sandy Bridge and even then, only in later versions like 10.6.6 or 10.6.8. Can't see why you'd want to run Leopard 10.5 today and on a Haswell platform; personally, I'd forget it.


As suggested by Allan, you should be able to run SL on your Haswell platform with a modified (AMD?) kernel but you're going to have trouble with graphics and other hardware accessories that will have no support (eg: chipset components).


Regarding bootloader, I suggest you look at good old Chameleon or Enoch.


Maybe you should consider a VM to run either of those obsolete Mac OS X versions.

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Thanks for your help so far..  


It is good to know that SL last works on Ivy Bridge without a modified kernel.  


Do you know the most recent architecture that OS X.5 will run on?  Leopard is actually the most ideal system for my purposes for compatibility reasons, but I could get by with SL if I really need to.


What would my VM options be for using those systems?  Would going that route allow me to use my Haswell processor without kernel modifications to the OSes?


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My apologies, it's not Ivy Bridge but Sandy Bridge; I've amended my previous statement.


I've not seen any 1st gen Core "i" Mac with anything older than Snow Leopard so I guess Leopard 10.5 last supported platforms will be Core2Duo, Core2Quad and related Xeon.


What would you run today that requires Leopard or Snow Leopard? Maybe you should buy and old (10+ years) Pentium M/CoreSolo/CoreDuo/Core2Duo system...

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I have a lot of apps which I like that don’t run on newer systems, so it’s worth it to me to also maintain an older system to use those.


Do you know if I would be able to use the i7-3930k processor with SL?  I realize that its code starts with a “3” instead of a “2” but supposedly it is a Sandy Bridge processor..  https://ark.intel.com/products/63697/Intel-Core-i7-3930K-Processor-12M-Cache-up-to-3_80-GHz


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Actually, i7-3930k is a Sandy Bridge E CPU, i.e. a high performance multi-core version of the Sandy Bridge platform (these Core-X series are close to Xeon CPUs). Not sure SL will support this. As suggested by Allan, it would probably be safer to opt for a CPU of the mainstream Sandy Bridge family...



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Hmm.. But why would they still call the i7-3930k “Sandy Bridge” if it wasn’t backward compatible with the previous Sandy Bridge processors?  Do you think it’s only “iff-y” that it works with SL or it is almost certainly a “no-go”?  I’m tempted to take the risk, I would love to have as much speed as possible.  It would be faster than my current Hackintosh.  Presumably that processor would also work fine with Modern OS X Hackintosh systems, am I right? 


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Whether you want to give it a try or not is entirely up to you.


Of course, no support issue with recent OS X/macOs versions such as El Capitan/Sierra/High Sierra.

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myHack method is pretty good.




An alternative is Nawcom ModCD or ModUSB. This was primarily targeted for legacy Intel and/or AMD platforms (non-vanilla kernel) but fully supports regular Intel ones.

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I think I’ll try upgrading my current Hackintosh for it to take an i7-3930k processor, and if it will run Snow Leopard then great, otherwise it will be fine for just running the latest OS X Hackintosh systems since it's faster than what I already have.


I’m seeing a lot of inexpensive “generic” Intel motherboards that will run that processor, however do you know if such motherboards would work with the modern OS X Hackintosh systems as the more expensive Gigabyte or Asus motherboards would?  I’m not seeing much information which suggests that it would be compatible ..


.. For example this “X79 intel LGA 2011” motherboard.. https://www.amazon.com/New-intel-2011-motherboard-3-2C/dp/B0711LZZXC/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1527988693&sr=8-7&keywords=i7-3930k


Thanks for your help..


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9 hours ago, Hervé said:

This is getting a little off-topic, isn't it? 


Perhaps it is shifting a bit off-topic, but at least it's in a linear manner.. ;-)   Ultimately it's to hopefully accomplish a very fast Snow Leopard machine though.  I'll be sure to report my findings about if it works with that processor once I get to that point.  Thanks for your help so far!

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