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Recommended add-on sound card that works with OSX?

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It depends what you're after in terms of audio services. If you want plain and simple audio output + mic, you may go for one of those cheap and cheerful USB sound cards/devices. They cost pennies and normally work OOB (i.e. no drivers required).


Here's one I went for a few years ago; 'works OOB with all versions from Snow Leopard to High Sierra.



You'll find those at usual on-line places that sell/offer this sort of products.

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On 5/12/2018 at 8:14 PM, Typhoon_Master said:

I am also looking for a pci-e soundcard with 5.1 output + mic input (like the normal yellow,black,green outputs + pink mic input) that is somehow operateable with mac os.

do you know any?


the only ones i know with working 5.1 is the sound blaster audigy rx (only outputs working using the kx audio driver mod), the sound blaster sb1040 (i don't know if 5.1 works on that) and creative sb0880 with fornt io panel (same as the sb1040, i don't know very well what works and what not).


I personally own a sound blaster audigy rx with the custom kx audio driver made by me, which supports chenging the sampling rate on mac, and for recording, since it doesn't work in the mac driver of the sb asuigy rx, i use an esi maya 44 xte with a capacitor microphone (i have to say that it's much cleaner and works better for both mac and windows as solution) i'd just like to figure out how to make inputs woirking on the audigy rx by modding the code of the kx audio driver

On 5/3/2018 at 9:21 AM, mrjayviper said:

I have a server board and it doesn't have a built-in sound card. Any suggestion for a card that works with native or 3rd party drivers? 




if you want a fully working pcie card and you want to do some professinal use out of it meybe you can use an ESI card like the maya 44 xte or the maya 44 xe, but if you want a cheaper and better solution, i would suggest to you to go for a usb sound card, because internal pcie/pci sound card compatibility is pretty limited on mac, because of the lack of drivers.

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