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    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Is there a chance that a PCIe-Card with ACL898 can be run with this kext? What i tried so far... I) Normal installation I installed AppleALC + Lilu in Clover and injected every LayoutIDs that are shown in the wiki, but it did not work out. II) Modifying Plist Then I tried to change the plist of the kext to match my card, but also without success. <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x00121102</string> III) Editing SourceCode and compiling myself After seeing "unsupported hdef vendor" in the logs, thought i might change the sourcecode to disable the check for the intel-vendorID. This didn't work out either and the whole kext is too complex for me to understand since i am no experienced osx/c++ dev. However at least i was successful in compiling the kext. May 21 09:21:28 localhost kernel[0]: AppleALC: audio @ (DBG) corrects analog audio for hdef at pci1102,12 with 1102:0012 May 21 09:21:28 localhost kernel[0]: AppleALC: audio @ (DBG) unsupported hdef vendor May 21 09:21:28 localhost kernel[0]: AppleALC: alc @ (DBG) failed to find a suitable codec, we have nothing to do May 21 09:21:28 localhost kernel[0]: AppleALC: alc @ (DBG) missing ControllerModInfo for 0 controller May 21 09:21:28 localhost kernel[0]: AppleALC: alc @ (DBG) missing ControllerModInfo for 1 controller Does anyone have an idea what i could do to make this work? Again the realtek-chip ACL898 should work with AppleALC, but i think it does not because of either is not declared as HDEF device for the system and/or because the kext does not check the pcie bus for devices. Card is a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX. Log and Codec-Dump is attached. Regards Typhoon codec_dump.txt appleALC_log.txt
  2. Is there any card, where microphone is working?
  3. Typhoon_Master

    Recommended add-on sound card that works with OSX?

    I am also looking for a pci-e soundcard with 5.1 output + mic input (like the normal yellow,black,green outputs + pink mic input) that is somehow operateable with mac os. do you know any?
  4. Typhoon_Master

    1G Network-Ethernetcard (PCIe) for El Capitan

    TP-Link TG-3468 works perfectly with this kext: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Realtek-Network
  5. Typhoon_Master

    1G Network-Ethernetcard (PCIe) for El Capitan

    This issue is an age-related problem on this mainboard. not something that can be fixed via software-update. (The mainboard is now 10 years old) still looking for a PCIe Networkcard that does its job out-of-the-box, or easy install...
  6. Hello, I am currently using El Capitan with an Asus Maximus II Formula, but the mainboard has a weird bug that the system freezes when im using the built in ethernet ports. (not only in macos, also in linux and windows) ... so i was using a USB Dongle wich worked fine, but the performance (USB2) was not the best. Now i want to add a ethernet-card to the system. Is there a cheap, and simple to install (maybe native?) PCIe Ethernet Networkcard that can be recommended? thank you greets
  7. Typhoon_Master

    Clover General discussion

    Genius, that did the trick. Again, thank you for your help. I would have searched for another serveral hours to find the misstake.
  8. Typhoon_Master

    Clover General discussion

    ok, i have a problem that my self build clover pkgs are not able to boot osx. when i select it it only appears a black screen forever - no message. Although booting windows from clover works. interesting thing here is that the official pkgs actualy are doing fine. (same revision checked out) do someone know why this could happen, or how the official pkgs are built? (parameters of ebuild.sh etc.) i build mine with: ./ebuild.sh -gcc49 -release -D USE_APPLE_HFSPLUS_DRIVER --x64 thank you in advance
  9. Typhoon_Master

    Clover Bootloader - Black Screen

    Interesting thing: For me everything works properly (exept my keyboard) with the standard-clover build. Because my keyboard did not work i compiled clover myself with -D DISABLE_USB_SUPPORT. And whenever i use this build, i also get the blackscreen problem as of the 2nd boot.
  10. Typhoon_Master

    Reset of Standard Audiodevice on reboot

    Ok i tried a solution myself and searched the com.apple.audio.AudioMIDISetup.plist. Unfortunately it seems i havent any!? That might be the problem. But i dont know why? It should be in /Library/Preferences/Audio right? I have no Audio folder there. Someone knows how to fix?
  11. Typhoon_Master

    Clover General discussion

    Thank you this helped me! :-) My keyboard is now working just fine, but can you tell me what this parameter does exactly?
  12. Typhoon_Master

    Clover General discussion

    I ran into a problem with my keyboard using clover. (clover kill's my keyboard till i replug it, even rebooting doesn't help) Now im trying to compile clover by myself with DISABLE_USB_SUPPORT defined, but i don't exactly know how. I did a compile with clovergrowerpro and it succeeded, but i dont know how/where to define the variable. (btw im only java developer, i hardly know whats going on there in this scripts called by clovergrowerpro :/)
  13. Typhoon_Master

    Reset of Standard Audiodevice on reboot

    *bump* anyone an idea?
  14. Hello everyone, I updated from Mavericks to El Capitan in December and got everything working so far. But there is a bug which really annoys me. After every reboot my standard audio-devices are reset. I have to go into the Audio-Midi-Setup and set the device where the sounds should come from. Can anyone think of a reason for this? regards
  15. Typhoon_Master

    AD2000B Sound on ElCapitan

    For everyone with a Maximus II Formula here comes the solution Working Sound under El Capitan. Big thanks to @Mirone who patched the AppleHDA for our AudioCodec Install AplleHDA.kext from this post, and Mirones HDAEnabelr7.kext greets