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  1. hello. Can you please share instructions and files to get OSX working on a dual 2011 setup? you included a link to sixflow but it's not loading anymore. Thanks

  2. Introduction - Intel s2600cp Dual 2670 build.

    Would be great if you can share all the files you used to make it work. Did you use any DSDT patch? Thanks
  3. as title. I searched the net but cannot find such info. Thanks
  4. can't turn on WiFi on BCM94360CD

    another update as a test, I installed Windows 10 on a different HDD and I got WiFi and BT working using unmodified bootcamp drivers. I've read on the net you need to modify the bootcamp drivers if it's going to run on non-Apple machines ---------- my early 2013 MBPr has a device ID EF for the Broadcom WiFi. I check the 2013 (not sure of exact model) iMac at work and the device ID for is not 111 or 135 or 136 or EF. edit: just remembered that the USB => BT doesn't show up at all in a real iMac. It doesn't even say BRCM20702. I'll take a pic/screenshot monday.
  5. can't turn on WiFi on BCM94360CD

    can you please link me to these threads? the only thing I found is 1 person having the same subvendor/sub-device as mine and it's also not working for him. edited original post. seems to be working but it keeps on turning on-off.
  6. can't turn on WiFi on BCM94360CD

    still not home) but connected to machine via teamviewer I tried inspecting my setup using DPCIManager and it's showing my WiFi card. and clicking on the magnify glass, it says I'm using "AirPortBrcm4360.kext". I've included some configuration screenshots and clover stuff as an attachment in my first post. Thanks again
  7. can't turn on WiFi on BCM94360CD

    From what I understand, the USB cable is only to get the BT working as it works via USB. But I tried it with USB plugged and unplugged. Same results. As a test, I removed my 4-port Intel gigabit card so only the video card and the WiFi card are installed. Same results. Will test on the full slot later as I'm not home. 1. my intel 4-port card works with built-in drivers 2. during initial setup, I didn't have my WiFi card. Only the Intel gigabit card. But since it has built-in drivers and from what I understand/see, OS X prioritize wired connection over wireless, I never got this option. I got 2 MBPs and they work through Ethernet even if wired and wireless connections are available. 3. I thought of that and will do it once I get home. just hoping this step can be avoided. Thank you!
  8. can't turn on WiFi on BCM94360CD

    It's an Apple card. I've tried the x4 and x1 slot. Will try the full slots later. Thanks I've tried the x4 and x1 slot. Will try the full slots later. Thanks
  9. My setup has been running for more than a month now using a 4-port Intel NIC which uses built-in drivers. I bought a BCM94360CD last week (shows up as en4 on ifconfig)and that's also using built-in drivers but my problem is that I cannot turn it on. Pressing "Turn WiFi on" on Network Settings does nothing. Also Bluetooth settings is not showing. The adapter has a plug for USB and I have connected that to the back of the motherboard. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Thank you edit1: attached more screenshots and clover plist and etc in a ZIP file edit2: so I shifted the my video card into the secondary video card slot and now my Wi-Fi is getting "turned on'. The problem is that the card keeps on turning on and off every 2 seconds. My board has 4 PCIe slots (2x full slots, 1 x4 and 1 x1). I tried the primary video card slot, x4 and x1 and I get the same results. better than when I started but still having major issues. mrjayviper.zip
  10. also would be great if you can link me to DSDT patches for the board. Thanks!
  11. Any ideas on how to get the Jmicron SATA/IDE controller on an X58 board work reliably on Sierra? With or without the DSDT patch (from page 1), the drive likes to disconnect often. I've turned off "Put HDD to sleep". Thanks
  12. Clover General discussion

    Hello. When I install clover, does it copy/create/modify any files outside of the EFI partition. I just reinstalled OS X and I didn't format the whole drive. just the partition where OS X resides. When I reinstalled Clover, all my previous edits (modified config.plist, FakeSMC.kext in kext/Others and others changes) are still present. I guess I'm just wondering if I need to reinstall clover every time I reinstall OS X. Thanks a lot.
  13. So I replaced an apple provided kext with a patched one so that my wifi card can be supported using Apple drivers. I loaded the patched kext using kextload but when I ran ifconfig, the wifi card is not listed. It only showed up after rebooting the device. Is there a way to restart networking services without rebooting the device. Thanks
  14. Nvidia GeForce Gt 610 with MacOs Sierra Black screen

    updates? thanks! hoping to use a GT610 over an old ATI 5870