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Deleted kexts, OSX stuck on boot, anything else to do on Recovery Mode Terminal?

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Hi guys.

Sometimes I am a complete noob, so I deleted two kexts from S/L/E and now my Asus Q200E laptop with OS X El Capitan boot hangs on kernel panic. I still can enter go through Clover to reach Recovery Mode and use Terminal, so I've put the two kexts on a USB pendrive and after some struggle I've managed to succefully copy them using Terminal, but the boot is still stuck on kernel panic. As I remember, these are the commands I've typed:

mount -rw

cp -a /Volumes/usb-stick/name.kext /Volumes/my-osx-drive/System/Library/Extensions

Is there anything else I should do? Is anything wrong? Should I type some command else? For instance, should I type something to fix permissions and rebuild cache?

Thanks a lot!

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When in the terminal, check if the kexts are copied. 

ls /Volumes/my-osx-drive/System/Library/Extensions/name-of-kext.kext

If it does not give a notice that the file or folder can not be found, it should be present. 


(Second line reads in Dutch, "Can not get access to '.....' File or folder does not exist.)

If however you get a notice, try to copy the files again, this time with verbose output:

cp -a -v /Volumes/usb-stick/name.kext /Volumes/my-osx-drive/System/Library/Extensions

This way you can trace what goes wrong. 


After all is copied, repair and rebuild.

rm -f /Volumes/my-osx-drive/System/Library/PrelinkedKernels/prelinkedkernel
touch /Volumes/my-osx-drive/System/Library/Extensions
kextcache -u /Volumes/my-osx-drive


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