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Help to buy Macbook for Video Editing

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I’m starting a designing course and I’ve been told a Macbook is the best option to handle specific softwares like adobe Photoshop perfectly.

Right now, i’m studying in Lisbon, Portugal. So, I would need to buy it from some Portuguese store, in case I need to claim warranty.

Anyway, I started my search and found som results, fort some Portuguese stores , i’ll leave a link below.

I'm aware that a desktops like a Mac Pro would be a much suitable solution, but I need a laptop to take to classes.

I think a 13” Model is enough since the retina screen helps me see details better, but I don’t understand the software requirements for each type of software.

What do you guys think I sould buy?

Feel free to make any question or suggestion!


My research:https://www.tecmagnet.com/produtos/equipamento/portateis?pagina=1&q=Apple+-+13%22+-+13-9%22+-+&id_marca=13&query=%5B%5B%2219%22%2C%2269%22%5D%5D

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For Macbook Pro I recommend the 13' model with i7 and 16GB of RAM (minimum).


Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 20.59.48.png


But you can build a hackintosh, a neighbor close to you has builded one, using a Lenovo IdeaPad 320.  ;)

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Little late. But if you are still not done, you can check out from any friend whether 13 or 15 inch is comfortable as I always prefer large screen for designing works.

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