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Silicon Image 3132 SATA


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My hackinthosh works fine with Asus P5LD2 Deluxe under X86 10.4.7.

I would like to add a SATA HD but my Intel ICH7R (I think this one should be supported) is in RAID 0 configuration because I use it for XP, so no way to use it with X. Is there a chance to use the Silicon Image 3132 SATA chip with OSX? I don' t know if it can be recognized under X. The system profiler info page shows no SATA connection avalaible at all, but there were few posts where they say that SATA become available as you connect the HD (to the Intel ICH7R) . Any success for the Silicon Image 3132? It needs any kind of special/extra/hack drivers? Or simply is not supported at all? I would like to avoid to buy a new SATA HD for nothing :-)

Thanks for your help



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