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  1. Ciao, ho aggiornato il mio jas 10.4.8 con koolkal 10.4.9 combo. Sembrerebbe tutto ok ma ho perso il CI QE della mia radeon X600pro. So che è una scheda senza particolari pretese ma nelle versioni precedenti così come nella 10.4.8 ha sempre fatto il suo onesto lavoro. C'è qualche driver che devo abilitare durante l'installazione? Oppure posso copiare un file dalla 10.4.8 (che ho comunque sempre disponibile su un'altra partizione)? Grazie per l'aiuto.
  2. Application error

    Hi, I installed OSX 10.4.8 jas with kernel 8.8.1. and my hackintosh works fine with many apps. As I try to run a music application called "reason" I get this error message : "REX system could not be installed because access to the global Application Support folder was denied. Try running the disk utility and repair permission, and try to run Reason again". I tried to repair permissions of course but nothing changed. Any help would be appreciated Thanks BT
  3. XSkey is not recognized under OSX86 10.4.6...

    XSkey tested working fine in my system with 10.4.7 and 10.4.8 (8.8.1).
  4. In my 10.4.8 (8.8.1) I use an Ati radeon X600pro (256Mb) video card and it works fine ( except few minor mouse artefacts) , but I would like to know if there is a way to enable the extended dual display (vga + dvi). Right now it is working pretty good only in mirror mode. Reading few posts it sounds like it is not possible but it is not so clear, maybe someone can confirm it here. Thanks for help. BT
  5. need help to install a new program

    Thanks Koh-i-Noor, I installed a lot of different apps (Logic Audio, Final cut, a lot of plugs) and few extra drivers (Motu, Uad...) everything installed and working fine except Reason. I am sure this file in not corrupted because Reason works fine in 10.4.7 and I would stay with that one, but Uad drivers need 10.4.8 :-( Bluetoy
  6. Hi, my intel P4 system 10.4.8. semthex looks stable. I installed the 3.05 (UB) version of Propellerhead Reason. As I run it the first time I got this message " Rex system could not be installed because access to the Global Applications support folder was denied. Try running diskutility repair permissions and try to run Reason again" Of course I tried to repair permissions with no luck (btw in 10.4.7 everything works fine). Any hint? Thanks Bluetoy
  7. Bass on Intel Mac

    you could try kontakt2 UB + hardcore bass xp samples. Take a look at at forum.audionews.ru BT
  8. iLok

    No Ilok reset for Intel mac is available till now. Only PPC
  9. Yes, my UAD-1 PCI card works fine in my 10.4.8 hackintosh system with logic audio pro 7.2.3. Just download the last UB drivers from UA website and you are ready to go. Remember you need 10.4.8 (10.4.7 will not work) BT
  10. install izotope plugin in 10.4.8

    To install an extra Au host is a very good idea. Unfortunately it will not work for Radius because it needs to be registered in Logic Pro Thanks BT
  11. Hi, my system (P4 3.4 10.4.8 jas with kernel 8.8.1) looks very stable and I installed a lot of audio plugs with Logic Pro 7.2.3. The only trouble I found was when trying to install izotope plugins. As the authorization screen pop up there is no challenge code (only an empty line) so I can't go on registering the product. It works perfectly in the same hardware with 10.4.7 and in a G4 PPC with 10.4.8. I am asking if anybody here was successful installing those plugs (izotope radius and all the others) in a 10.4.8 hackintosh system and if there is something I can try to avoid this strange behaviour Thanks for help. BT
  12. from 10.4.7 to 10.4.8

    Thanks for your help!
  13. from 10.4.7 to 10.4.8

    Hi, my system (P4 3.4 Asus P5LD2 2GB ram SATAII) is working fine with 10.4.7. I have my Logic Pro 7.2.3, a lot of audio plugs, Motu Firewire and Emagic hardware working without problems. I would like to update to 10.4.8 because I found here that someone got the UAD-1 PCI DSP card working in his system and I would like to give it a try. May you give me a few hint about the best way to update to 10.4.8 trying to keep safe and working all my environment (I would like to avoid if possible a fresh install) ? Is it a better way to avoid a newest kernel or what? Thanks BT
  14. Thanks, perfect for saving a lot of time.!!!
  15. Silicon Image 3132 SATA

    You gave me a very good hint, thank you one more time. BT