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  1. Possible fix for sound and LAN not working after sleep: I had a Mac which had a really weird behaviour in that when it woke from sleep the networkport (en0) was woken only 7 out of 10 times. This was fixed by installing SleepWatcher and then editing the installed files /etc/rc.wakeup to add these lines: kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworking.../...Contents.. / Plugins ../AppleRTL8169..kext sleep 2 kextload /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworking.../...Contents.. / Plugins ../AppleRTL8169..kext before any other lines of script "code" in /etc/rc.wakeup (sorry about not giving the full and correct path to the kext, I can't remember it and I'm not using a Mac now. You obviously need to give a correct path to your kext...) This should be possible to do with the kexts for LAN and sound in the case of this thread also. Maybe one might need to add the unloading to /etc/rc.sleep (also installed by SleepWatcher) instead? Hope this helps! Would be really interesting to get some feedback on the idea... For more ideas on how/for what to use SleepWatcher see macosxhints.com. Cheers!
  2. Sorry about going non-Mac in the thread, but does anyone know if this board supports 1066 MHz (PC2-8500) memory specified for 2.0 volt? According to specs and Gigabyte website it is not officially supported... would be good to know if someone tried it and what the result was?? Please? If it works, does that give that the GPU is faster than if using 800MHz memory (I'm hoping it does)?? I must say this thread has shown some seriously excellent work lately! Interesting!
  3. dlach: I read on the first page that you have reported the SSDT / memory mapping issue for the onboard GPU to Gigabyte. It would be interesting if you could post some details on what you actually reported to them. Maybe it could be used for others to form personalized versions of your report (and thus increasing the chance of it being resolved as from Gigabyte's perspective there would seems as more ppl being affected by the bug). Please? Cheers! /Tom
  4. Hi Are the efforts on making this MB work with more than 2Gb all halted? Is there a thread where it is being actively discussed? Would be interesting to read how it was resolved if it ever will be... Cheers!
  5. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    Works = I can record sound, transfer it to an other system and then play whatever I recorded. It should be obvious from the Info.plist which AppleHDA.kext to use.
  6. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    Sorry about the delay. Here is an archive of my plists giving me external mic in on a x57vn (based on the m50vn motherboard). Hope someone can take it from there. Rename it from .pdf to .tar.bz2 and unpack. Asus_x57vn_AppleHDA_only_externalmic_working_plists.pdf
  7. Are Mormons Christians?

    1) Maxintosh: You are "preaching to the choir". I was just interested in where that specific 'gene thing' was documented. One hypothesis is that, from an evolutionary point-of-view, the advantage of that gene would be that young kids do not need to be convinced, only told. In a world where you are constantly on the move, i.e. say 20000 BC, as in a hunter-gatherer time, you would not have time for, or the capacity (as a society) of, understanding "why" and therefore be unable to "educate" in any other way than telling. It's kind of like a kid going "why?" at everything and only getting the response "because". I can not detail the hypothesis, nor is it mine. 2) One could argue like that, but the question whether the two (or more) groups agree on the word Christ having the same meaning. I.e. one group can still go: "OK, you believe in what you call Christ, but that is not what is meant with (they usually leave out the word "our" here) Christ. Hence, you do not believe in Christ!" Uhmmm... forgive me for being uneducated on the subject but I thought "Christian" was a lower common denominator than "Catholic"???? Again see first comment on your quote. I agree, most seem to do. Yes they could if they wanted to. I don't think you could find one. If you did, it would not take many seconds before someone pointed out that you are very wrong. I do think that this argument is very silly, yes. And mostly for the reasons you said.
  8. Are Mormons Christians?

    Maxintosh: Interesting. Can you please provide a link or reference to support that claim?
  9. Are Mormons Christians?

    To nebulOSX (see post 36) as a comment on the question "Even you people who aren't Christians must think that what he did was amazing?": Yes, I do agree, being "good" and doing "good deeds" is something to strive for in life. I have this to say on the topic of "being good": 1) I'm an atheist (that is, I lack a supernatural/religious belief/faith) and to me there just seems to be so many other stories that are based on the same theme (of being good that is). To me there is basically no difference between the story of Jesus being good or the story of Superman doing good deeds. To explain it a bit lets take me and my wife as an example. I'm a bit of a sci-fi nerd whereas she is not. In fact she has never really watched any sci-fi. I have tried to explain things to her, how the center-piece story of basically every Star Trek (original and Next Gen at least) episode/movie centers on what it means to be human/moral/good, how some sci-fi is just techno-babble and how some is scientifically inspiring (I'm also a PhD in engineering, go figure). But to her all sci-fi remains just a big mix of the same thing: bad shows set in a rainy dark future/space with a lot of techno-babble (this we do agree upon ). This is how I view religious stories and the story of Superman. They are just stories (I can't deny one's had a bigger impact on human history though). I do however recognize the need in humanity to have "carriers of cultural history, morals and ethics", and as such again a lot of stories are good to have (e.g. the bible and Superman). So when you write "Even you people who aren't Christians must think that what he did was amazing?" my answer is not "yes", but rather "yes, it is a story about a good man" (since I don't think he did it). 2) It is quite common among religious people to say that atheists can't be moral. Paraphrasing: "How can they be, if they have no moral code (i.e. holy scripture)???" I live in a country where people pay between 33 and 50% income tax, where we have organized our society to care for everyone with free education (up to and including university, including foreigners), free dental care (up to 20 and there after it is subsidized quite heavily), free care in hospitals for everyone, a social safety net that gives you up to 80% of your previous salary should you run out of a job, and a governmental pension system so you do not run the risk of your old company going bankrupt and you ending up having nothing to live off of at the end of your life. This is what the most non-believing country (80% non-believers I think I read somewhere) in the world chooses to do with it's combined pool of money: taking care of each other. And not just each other, we have now roughly 11% of our population being made up of refugees that we willingly let in to our country. On top of this I have since for the last 15 years been giving money monthly to Amnesty international, UN's save the children, Greenpeace and various other organizations less regularly. Just the other month I met this African guy at the airport that lost his wallet/tickets/passport as he was flying to Africa (sorry, can't remember the specific country at the moment). He really needed to get in touch with his bank to block his credit cards etc. I gave him roughly 40 USD to make the phone calls and my sandwich since he was hungry. Ok, sorry about the rant, my point is: humans do not need a religious faith or religious stories to be good. In fact "goodness" arises in all ordered societies on its own accord just because people understand that you can get more out of life by cooperating (and that it feels good to see a smile on someones face). If you study some anthropology you will see that social rules, ethics and morals have been around (in various formats, as is the case around the world even today) since long before any modern day religion (modern? well lets say 4000 years). In fact in biology, when higher functioning (i.e. not ants and such) animal societies are studied, it is often found that there is a certain percentage of "hawks" (those who do not follow the established social rules and instead pray on others) and of "doves" (those who do play by the established rules, i.e. are "moral"). If there are too many "hawks" the society of the animals becomes instable. It seems it is somewhat self-regulatory since there is a maximum of work/stuff/food that can be stolen (it naturally has to be lower than what is produced through "real honest work"). However you are correct in that stories has been, and still are, a primary tool for how we humans relay information (on social rules etc) between us and over generations. Stories are important in that sense. My P.S. Oh yeah, if you live in the US, you should take a look at the percentage of atheists in the society and compare it to the percentage of atheists in your jails. You will find a somewhat skewed distribution. Does not really fit with the "atheist aren't moral" rant. P.P.S If you choose to believe in something or nothing, that is entirely up to you. However if you choose to have that supernatural belief pour over into the political arena and have beliefs not founded in things that can be methodically supported by independent people be a basis for laws that will have an impact on my life I will make it my case to criticize your arguments and try to tear it apart. This is however not the topic here today. P.P.P.S Thank you all, I've found this thread to be quite educational.
  10. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    Just got external mic working on the ALC663/ICH9 (Asus laptop with M50Vn motherboard) by fiddling with AppleHDA.kext from 10.5.4 (running 10.5.6). I've had the small speaker in the menu for some time as well as "Internal Speakers", "Headphones" and "Digital Out" under Output as well as "Internal microphone" and "External microphone" under Input in System settings/Sound but I can't get any sound (and the output volume slider is disabled). Did anyone get that far with the AppleHDA.kext for ALC663 ?? Any pointers?
  11. ATI Framebuffer development

    Maybe this is of importance for this development: AMD AtomBIOS dumper/disassembler.
  12. Problem with Hardware/Instalation?

    You need to fix your DSDT either in the BIOS or use a /DSDT.aml aware boot loader such as PCEFI v9 or Chameleon 1.0.12. I guess you need to add this to your own install DVD or probably much simpler, your own boot-132 CD (if those are /DSDT.aml aware I'm not certain). Doing that will let you boot past the "using 10485 headers and 4096 cluser IO buffer headers" message.
  13. ATI Framebuffer development

    Slice: I could get one X600XT and X700 Pro (both PCIe) to test your code on. Would that be interesting to you? (I'm sorry I didn't read all of the thread so maybe it is just for HD cards or something). What ATI/AMD cards are you yourself using? Cheers!
  14. Yeah, I guess. I was hoping there would be a "cleaner" way just using OSX. I'm a bit hesitant to install ext2fsx since there seems to be a lot of stability issues with it (and I guess the same goes for the newer fuse-based ones). Thanks for your input though! Anyone else have an idea that does not require install of any file system drivers???