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AMD NF4 with Semthex's lvm_rc_12 Kernel


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Wondering if anyone has gotten their Ethernet woking? None of my NF4 onboard's work, And cannot get SMC1211 NIC, DFE530TX+, or Realtek 8139b to work. Tried drivers for all but no luck. Any suggestions?

My machine runs awesome except no Internet!


My Setup:


AMD X2 - 4400 mhz 939 (Toledo) Both cores working flawlessly with SSE3.

"Lanparty SLI-DR" Nforce4 MB........,, Nvidia Lan & Yukon NOT WORKING!!!

BFG Geforce 7800GT pcie, with TItan with fully working QE/CI ........BAD ASS!!!

Apple Delta's 10.4.5 ,6,7, 10.4.8 update pkg's

Semthex lvm rc_12 Kernel & Rufus AMD Decrypts

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