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  1. screenreaderd utilizing almost 100% cpu

    screenreaderd is linked to the VoiceOver Utility. Disable it from Preference Panel-->Speech-->Open Universal Access Preferences-->Seeing-->VoiceOver OFF. Found this while searching for why screenreaderd would repeatedly crash in my Activity Monitor.
  2. Got my Cherry G84-4100 83key PS2 keyboard working with OSX 10.4.8, tried many different fixes and kexts, but in the end the method that worked for me was by renaming ApplePS2Mouse.kext & ApplePS2Trackpad.kext to whatever, In "/System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext\Contents\Plugins" folder. I left ApplePS2Keyboard.kext untouched. Its nice to have my Cherry working, instead of having to use my Saitek USB keyboard,.. Method works well if you have a non-standard PS2 Keyboard & a USB Mouse.
  3. Just want to give out a big thank you! to Bikedude & MeDevil,..My SATA-II drive runs great! on my NF4 Lanparty SLI-DR. Thanks!
  4. AMD NF4 with Semthex's lvm_rc_12 Kernel

    Thanks, i'll give it try!
  5. Wondering if anyone has gotten their Ethernet woking? None of my NF4 onboard's work, And cannot get SMC1211 NIC, DFE530TX+, or Realtek 8139b to work. Tried drivers for all but no luck. Any suggestions? My machine runs awesome except no Internet! My Setup: AMD X2 - 4400 mhz 939 (Toledo) Both cores working flawlessly with SSE3. "Lanparty SLI-DR" Nforce4 MB........,, Nvidia Lan & Yukon NOT WORKING!!! BFG Geforce 7800GT pcie, with TItan with fully working QE/CI ........BAD ASS!!! Apple Delta's 10.4.5 ,6,7, 10.4.8 update pkg's Semthex lvm rc_12 Kernel & Rufus AMD Decrypts