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How can i Securly Wipe my entire drive?


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You should do a low-level format (cylinder by cylinder) otherwise try Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0


The mass media and the Internet are full of stories about used computers being sold with hard disk drives containing confidential data — banking account information, credit card numbers, social security data, human resource, accounting and other internal documents, or even restricted information concerning a company's board of directors!


This confidential data should not only be safeguarded according to the strict rules, but it should also be reliably and completely destroyed when needed. You know you have deleted all the financial, corporate, and personal files, and even formatted and deleted hard disk partitions — but are they really gone from the drive? The answer is NO!


Acronis DriveCleanser 6.0 guarantees the complete destruction of data on selected partitions and/or entire disks.


Data destruction standards


National data destruction standards:


* American: DoD 5220.22-M

* American: NAVSO P-5239-26 (RLL)

* American: NAVSO P-5239-26 (MFM)

* German: VSITR

* Russian: Russian Standard, GOST P50739-95


Two far more powerful pre-defined algorithms offered by top information security experts:


* Peter Gutmann's algorithm

* Bruce Schneier's algorithm


Simple, but fast algorithm to use in less important situations:


* Fast


A special option to create custom algorithms and save them for future usage.



You can get it from here. :)

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I haven't tried the Acronis Drive Cleanser, but:


Open Disk Utility, select your HD, click on the erase tab




Then click security options




Select one of the options which suits your needs.



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You can download IBM/Lenovo's Secure Data Disposal tool for free here:


IBM Secure Data Disposal


It creates a boot floppy or ISO image with which you boot the machine and answer a few confirmation questions before it wipes the drive. It can wipe to DOD standards and save a log of its operation, or you can do a simple overwrite. As it was written by IBM it's probably as good as you can get for free.


(Note - you need to install the prog. on a working Windows system first in order to create the floppy/ISO, and ignore the stuff on the webpage about it only being for IBM systems, it works on any PC.)

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i need a free app that will do this for me. wipe the drive and make it un recoverable.


OK, mac-nipulate, you have plenty of choices here now. Or use them all, one after the other. Not even the NSA would be able to get at your data after that. Well, actually there is a tiny chance that they might by using a technique which involves special read heads which work diagonally through the magnetic coating and detects changes that are outside the normal track path, but it would give them quite a headache.

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