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  1. Vista RTM Experience

    So, here it is, localised Vista Business from my university´s MSDNAA program. 64bit, isn´t that fast. The ONE 3D effect is useless. And it uses much more RAM than XP on my laptop. 500MB of 1GB used after booting into the desktop. Nothing else installed. This is way too much. I already deactivated all 3D effects, shadows, ... Well, it is now a little faster. But what can be done to improve the speed ? What kind of services can be deactivated ? Are there any useful tips ?
  2. How can i Securly Wipe my entire drive?

    No, formating is not secure. Take http://dban.sourceforge.net/ put it on a floppy disk or burn the iso on a cd, boot and on the boot prompt type paranoid and press enter. Wait for some hours, days,... use the tool an a normal X86 PC
  3. Download Vista RTM

    Damn downloading is so slow for the Winbeta release. I currently get 6kB - 10kB...
  4. I´m also searching for an alternative UDF driver for OS X. The only one that is mentioned here is from http://www.softarch.com/ 80$ for a driver ??? No really. I already searched the usual sources. I can´t find a copy of it... Does have Darwin a working UDF driver ? ( Can´t find any information about ist... ) If yes, it would be rather simple to compile it for OS X... Why does OS X have no UDF support ? Will Leopard have it ? And you simple don=t use FAT & HFS on a DVD-RAM !! That is nonsense. So, does anyone have a working UDF driver for OS X ?
  5. Well, what kind of hardware (chipsets ) is included in the new Mac Pro ? What kind of hardware and mainboard do I need to build a kind of clone without Xeon and with normal Intel Core 2 cpus lof it ? Is there already a list anywhere ? thanks
  6. Well, you´ve probably all heard about Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/program...ndamentals.mspx http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Funda..._For_Legacy_PCs In my opinion it is the ideal OS for older PCs. I know a lot of people surfing only the internet writing emails, doing some textwriting, printing, scanning, looking their pictures on their computers from digicams - on a system with Windows 98... => I really want my hands on such a copy to try it out. <= Unfortunately "Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs" is only for big organizations which have a special service agreement with Microsoft - unfortunately * *People within the Volume licensing program can download it for free at: https://licensing.microsoft.com/eLicense/L1033/Default.asp So, does anyone have experience with "Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs" ?
  7. Hi, well actually I am a student. The price for the smallest Macbook is 1015€. Yes we are talking about Euros. Well, for one € youhave to pay 1,26$ So about 1279 US $ for hat little on. Although it includes taxes, I think it is too few for the money. I´d consider buy one is it had 3 years warranty. But no, only one year. But hey for 3 years I would have to pay additinally 256,36]€ (you see the Euro sign). And yes, my mentioned prices includes the student discount. So, yes Apple is stylish, but Apple hardware is also expensive. Btw, I just found a notebook*, it costs me 635€ incl. taxes, shipping and handling, and is quite as fast as the Macbook. The wlan module will be replaced, it has 2 years of manufacturer warranty, I will probably update the RAM and I will be still way below the prices I would have to pay for Apple´s one. *Intel® Core Duo T2300E (1,66 GHz Clock Speed, 2 MB L2 Cache, 667 MHz FSB) Betriebssystem Microsoft® Windows® XP Home SP2 OEM 15,4" TFT WXGA (Widescreen) 512 MB DDR2 RAM 60 GB SATA DVD±RW Dual Double Layer L Grafik Integriert in Intel® Chipsatz 945GM, PCI Express Technologie Intel® PRO Wireless 3945ABG, Wireless LAN b/g
  8. Hi, I´m looking for the cheapest (fully) compatible Macbook alternative. Therefore, I looked everywhere for the specific specifications for the Macbook and Macbook Pro. But didn´t find any. So, is there a list with e.g. WLAN: manufacturer, which chipset it uses LAN: manufacturer, which chipset it uses isight: manufacturer, which chipset it uses, the USB: manufacturer, which chipset it uses, the ... If anyone could help, I´d appreciate it very much
  9. It is simple too expensive. I live in Germany and therefore I get the "€ Bonus". Here it is 639,00€ and 849,00€ It seems Apple wants to make money...
  10. XBOX 360

    Well, the XBOX has a a processor which has some PPC aspects. We already discussed this, but will OSX PPC run on it ?
  11. http://www.hardmac.com/news/2005-10-10/#4588
  12. Apple's Jobs Warns On 'Greedy' Music Pricing

    Allofmp3.com is not illegal. In russia it is absolutely legal. I use for more than a year now.
  13. I already knew it, this forum has been started by Apple itself ^^
  14. Why steal from Apple?

    Hi, well in my opinion the provided OSX86 copies you can get are just for testing OSX. People who heard about "Apple" and "Macintosh" can try the "holy" OS X. Just to see how it is, how it behaves, how it is to run programms, how fast it is, just to get a taste for it. I don´t think that many will make those OS X copies their primary OS, no updates, no support, ... It´s just for playing a little with a new toy
  15. Well, this is what I actually have, soon. So, does this DVD, he created exist as a torrent ? Kin