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Mac Hardware clone

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Where can I find a list of hardware that is compatible in most ways to an Apple computer so I don't need patches, patched software etc. because even though I have hardware that meets or exceeds most requirements that I have on hand, I'm probably like others that feel it's getting to the point that learning (struggling) with Linux might be better time spent. It's getting to the point where I'm going to upgrade my hardware so if this is the case why not just find out what hardware is equiv. or is fully or mostly supported by Apple?? If I knew how to modify software to work on my hardware, well then find and dandy but I don't along with many others. Some might say "well then just go out and buy an Apple" My answer is I don't want to pay 2-3 times more for the same hardware! The outdated Dell I started out with for this venture performs better with 10.5 than what it was originally intended for which is XP. Boots faster, performs faster, smoother with less glitches but trying to update is a PITA.

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