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256 to 64MB VRAM? After 10.4.8 install


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I have just installed JaS 10.4.8 and everything is working great. But I noticed that my shared VRAM is now 64MB. In 10.4.7 it was 256MB. it is set at 256 in the BIOS so I am very confused.


It took a little work but i did get QE/CI to work properly, but I cannot figure out this memory problem.


Has anybody else had this problem? And if so, can you help?


Also, on a side note, I got my audio working but it is a little choppy. Any suggestions?


Here are my specs:


AsRock dual 775 MoBo w/ GMA915

2.66 GHZ Intel Celeron CPU (Mac OS reports it as 4 GHZ in "About This Mac")

1 GB Ram

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I too have the same issue after 10.4.8 install using GMA950...I noticed that I wasn't able to see video using DVD Player (audio is ok) so I've been doing some research as to why. This I think may be a part of an explanation.


Everything else seems to be working ok for the display/video but it is odd that only 64MB is allocated. Does anyone have any ideas?


When I install using 10.4.7 JaS w/ GMA900 patch I have 256MB set.


FYI, CI/QE is working on both 10.4.7 (10.4.4 kernel) and now 10.4.8

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Here is the fix:


In /System/Library/SystemProfiler replace SPDisplaysReporter.spreporter with the same file from 10.4.7.

Have fun!



Thanks for the help; unfortunately it's not working for me. I copied the file listed from my 10.4.7 install over to the newer 10.4.8 /System/Library/SystemProfiler directory. Repaired permissions. Rebooted. Still showing up as 64MB VRAM under System Profiler.


Am I missing anything?


Also, does this simply replace the text entry in System Profiler or actually allocate more memory to the video card for the system? I'm having trouble getting video to work in DVD Player and am hoping this will fix that issue as well.

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