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  1. kla

    Boot Camp Will Not Upgrade

    I have a Macbook Pro 15" 2.00Ghz which used to have the infamous "whine". I took it in to have the logic board board replaced (under warranty). Everything worked great after that except that the serial number no longer shows up in the system profiler and when trying to upgrade boot camp to 1.3, I get an error that says I need to upgrade my system. I have installed all Firmware Updates as well as all software updates. My Boot ROM Version in the system profiler shows that I have the required number (MBP11.0055.B08). Anyone got any ideas?
  2. kla


    Could there be any connection to Demonoid being taken down at the same time?
  3. kla

    Calendar Widget Bug?

    Macbook Pro 2ghz Core Duo 1gig RAM OS 10.4.8
  4. Has anyone seen this on their calendar widget? The text for the main date numbers are shifted towards the top of the widget. I have searched far and wide for a solution to this but haven't found even one person with the same problem. I guess it is really not a problem, but it does bug me when something is not how it is supposed to be. Here is a screenshot: http://www.areaseven.biz/widget.jpg
  5. Same problem here. "Workaround Bonjour: Unknown error: 0" even when trying to boot in safe mode.
  6. I have just installed JaS 10.4.8 and everything is working great. But I noticed that my shared VRAM is now 64MB. In 10.4.7 it was 256MB. it is set at 256 in the BIOS so I am very confused. It took a little work but i did get QE/CI to work properly, but I cannot figure out this memory problem. Has anybody else had this problem? And if so, can you help? Also, on a side note, I got my audio working but it is a little choppy. Any suggestions? Here are my specs: AsRock dual 775 MoBo w/ GMA915 2.66 GHZ Intel Celeron CPU (Mac OS reports it as 4 GHZ in "About This Mac") 1 GB Ram
  7. Maybe everyone should just be patient in receiving this new torrent. We've all waited this long for such a breakthrough, so what is another week or so in downloading? This version was released and re-released within a week, look at that compared to the vista dates. Hilarious! I think it was Heinz Ketchup who popularized the phrase "Good things come to those who wait." Those commercials were funny.
  8. kla

    itunes 7 no music !?

    Same problem here. Updated via sofware update on a MBP. and no sound or moving playhead. Mp3's play fine in quicktime (Updated 7.1.3 Quicktime). This is truly strange.
  9. Navigate to /private/etc in Terminal. Open up the file named "rc.local" in any text editor. Add this to the file: disktool -u disk0s3 Replacing "disk0s3" with whichever disk you want to unmount. And repair permissions when you're done. This is probably the easiest way.
  10. Anyone know how the reconditioned serial numbers relate to the original serial numbers of Apple products? I am trying to figure out what generation, or week number, my MBP is. And what revision my logic board is. When I bought it I assumed that it had been returned because of the usual problems with these machnines, but they are still there (heat, whine). Other than the two usual problems, this machine has been great!
  11. kla

    Image Restore with Disk Utilty

    boot from the dvd and open up terminal. Then use the command line to execute the apple software restore utility. here is what you need to type (replacing the source and target disk names of course). the "-erase" function at the end erases the target disk before restoring. sudo asr -source /<SourceASRimage.dmg> -target /Volumes/<Target volume> -erase