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  1. Reply: H CruiSAr, Exactly, that is what have trying to tell everybody. A little time and thought told me that Apple had exercised their right to change their hardware. However, I think that we will experience more such issues as graphics cards. I also don't have all of the answers about Macs and HDMI/HDCP support. Thanks for understanding what I wanted to get everybody to stop and take a look at, IMHO, is what happened. Respectfully, Macgenius
  2. Replay: I did not say that all Nvidia 9xxx graphics cards work. So far, the only boards that I tested that do work are in the 9xxx family. Google for the supported GPU's from Apple and that should tell you what works. Cards on the 7xxx and 8xxx range appear to have been dropped. Macgenius
  3. Hey everybody, I agree that changing the video cable to VGA or just DVI will work on "old" hardware. But if you want to use an HDMI monitor you will have to upgrade your video card. I have tested several Nvidia graphics card in the 9xxx family (like 9400GT, 9500GT, 9600GT, 9800GT) that do work. I baught an evga Nvidia 9500GGT 1GB that works great. Like, I said from an earlier, Apple has always said that they will control what hardware is supported and compatible. Respectfully, Macgenius
  4. Hello zawx, After several hours of analysis, it looks like the the blank screen, is not a freeze. I f you connect to your system remotely, you will see that the mac is alive. I scanned several threads in the forums and looked at DSDT files, boot loaders, etc. Nothing made any difference here. However, I been successfu replacing graphics cards with other Nvidia 9xxx cards (9500GT, 9800GT, etc.) and am now booting into 10.6.3 with no issues, so far. Using "GraphicsEnabler=yes" is a great way make things a more automatic. Be sure and remove any graphics card code from your DSDT file. IMHO, Apple has simply dropped support for some of the Nvidia cards (8800GT, etc.). I believe that this is the case here. We all knew that cloning a mac means we have to constantly look for the next group of hardware to adopt to keep our Hacks running. So, I beleive that 10.6.3 will require buying a new graphics card (I have already purchased a Nvidia 9500GT card made by evga).
  5. RickyTan I just finished trying the Kakewalk 2.0 installer ("GraphicsEnabler=yes, AsereBLN bootloader, DSDT from Kakewalk CD, etc.) with same results - blank screen with HDMI monitor. I am starting to think that maybe the problem is not related to video drivers per se, but to QE/SI, frameworks, etc. I know I could be wrong, but I am suspicious anyway. Regards, Macgenius EDIT: Had a brainstorm, LOL. My current graphics card is am XFX 8800GT Dual DVI 512MB. I swapped in a Evga 9500GT, Dual DVI 1GB graphics card from a friend. Amazingly it worked perfect with my HDMI monitor. I guess that maybe apple has cut back on support for certain cards (i.e., there is a whole thread on the 8800 blank screen). What do you think? So I guess I will be heading to Fry's tomorrow to buy a new graphics card. Regards, Macgenius
  6. Hi RickyTan, 1. My motherboard is a EP45-DS3R and I don't use EFI strings at all. 2. My system has been working fine with 10.6, 10.6.1, and 10.6.2 using a patched DSDT or with "GraphicsEnabler=yes" and no. No issues with blue, black, or blank screen. 3. My system works fine on 10.6.3 using either a straight VGA monitor/cable or DVI-DVI monitor/cable. My system only fails using a HDMI/HDCP monitor/cable. 4. Aserebln 1.1.9 bootloader works for me on 10.6.2, but not on 10.6.3 with HDMI. 5. There are several postings on direct Apple support forums report problems connecting HDMI monitors on "real" Macs. 6. IMHO, Apple is detecting the presence of a HDMI/HDCP monitor and disable the video. 7. I will take a look at Kakewalk 2.0. Please comment. I am stumped on this one. Sincerely, macgenius
  7. From Macgenius: MY vidoe card is an Nvidia 8800 GT 512MB with Dual DVI Outputs also. This method did not work. Since yours appears to have worked, please provide more detailed instructions. This is a serious problem that affects all HDMI Monitors with HDCP. Thanks, Macgenius
  8. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    @ Master Chief My motherboard is a Giga-Byte EP45-DS3R (ICH10). I have a modified DSDT will all of the necessary mods for SL (HPET, CMOS reset, RTC, etc.) with EHCI, video, audio, LAN fixes. After reading this thread, I am really confused. Please, if you can find the time to review my DSDT and make the necessary changes. Thanks very much, ccg DSDT_EP45_DS3R.8800GT.zip
  9. To everyone, In order for the cpu detection to function using the modified Chameleon RC3 "boot" file, the following key must be removed from the "com.apple.Boot.plist" file in /Extra: <key>SMBIOSdefaults</key> <string>No</string> Enjoy, ccg
  10. Hi Eberts, I have been looking at the AppleSMBIOS.kext for SL code today. What I have found is that the code that fetches the cputype from the SMBIOS tables is not working for the Type 131 and 132 tables. The code tries to find the tables and then fetch the contents. However, the code can't find the table. Therefore the cputype is returned as 0x0000. If you are interested take a look in the AppleSMBIOS.cpp code as follows: // Fetch Processor Type from Type 131 structure (optional). SMB_ANCHOR_RESET(&anchor); if (findSMBIOSStructure(&anchor, kSMBTypeOemProcessorType, sizeof(SMBOemProcessorType))) { const SMBOemProcessorType * processorType = (const SMBOemProcessorType *) anchor.header; cpuType = processorType->ProcessorType; DEBUG_LOG("SMBIOS: processor type = 0x%04x\n", cpuType); } This is all I have been able to find out. The reason that the CPUInjector.kext works, is that it directly injects the cputype into the IO registry. Have fun, ccg
  11. DigitalDJ, Installed new "boot" file in the root directory, modified smbios.plist, CPU type shows up as "Unknown". From my earlier post, CPUInjector.kext works fine as long as I enable NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. Am I doing anything wrong? Thx ccg
  12. I have successfully got CPUInjector to work in /Extra/Extensions. However, at first I go kernel panics with what appeared to be coming from AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext (I did not have NullCPUPowerManagement.kext installed). I disabled AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and now have CPUInjector working without kernel panics. Another observation was that if I manually loaded CPUInjector after boot without NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, I got no kernel panics and CPUInjector works fine. Can anyone provide comments or suggestions why CPUInjector only works with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement blocked. ccg
  13. @tmongkol, Your guide to DSDT patching is super! Already using a new DSDT with LAN, audio, and video. I am going to have to get the ACPI spec to understand more, but that is what my degree is for. Do you know if anyone has been able to fix the restart/shudown issue (OpenHaltRestart.kext) using DSDT? Thanks, ccg
  14. @tmongkol, I tried your Legacy4outs3ins file + 1.6.8.a3. I see the None for the front mic (sound output does work, though). I think I will stick to what works (Legacy4outs2ins). You said you used your patched DSDT, not using HDAEnabler.kext. I have the EP45-DS3R motherboard. Is there a place to look for a DSDT patching guide to understand generating a custom DSDT for the EP45? You are super for your responses. ccg
  15. @tmongkol What I found out is the KP is caused by the HDAEnabler.kext with the iokit set to 6.9.9 in Info.plist and the 1.6.8.a3 AppleHDA.kext. Changing the iokit to 7.9.9 stops the KP, but there is no sound. This is with Legacy_4outs3ins_analog_regualr_headphone.zip. Legacy_4outs2ins_analog_regualr_headphone.zip works with either 1.6.2.a37 or 1.6.8.a3 AppleHDA.kext and with either the iokit set to 6.9.9 or 7.9.9 in the HDAEnabler.kext Info.plist. Thanks for listening, ccg