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Flashing a MSI 7900 GTO 512MB with a 256 MB Bios?

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yesterday i bought a MSI 7900 GTO with 512MB Video Ram. I wanted to use it with Natit/Titan but i couldnt get it to work (all i get is either a Black Screen or a "turn your system off" one).


I looked a bit and found out that it seems that only 512MB Cards are not working. So i thought if it is possible to flash the card with a 256MB Bios?


Has anybody else done such a thing, is it even possible? Or am i just doomed :-)


Thanks in advance



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Dont know about flashing the card m8 but cant you simply take it back and swap it for another be a safer bet huh



bought it used, so i could only sell it :-) It seems that i can flash the card back if something goes wrong with using an old pci gfx card.


Gonna try it today i think.

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