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  1. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Ok, but is it necessary to use an USB stick or a CD? Wouldn't it be optimal to load these extra kexts from some special place in the hard disk?
  2. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Hi everybody, I have tried to read about this boot loader, but some questions remain! So the idea of this bootloader is to load some kexts before entering the main OS? If so, how is it any better than the situation now if I just do a vanilla install and add the dsmos.kext, applecpumdisabler.kext and nvkush.kext? None of these kexts will be overwritten in future updates, so the system should remain bootable through software updates. Would the boot-132 give me any edge over this kind of install?
  3. This barebone seems to have the notorious GMA 3100 graphics chip, which is not supported for hardware acceleration. Another problem is that the GMA 3100 somehow conflicts with the ICH7 hard disk controller, making OS X unable to boot. This problem is easily fixed by throwing in a proper NVidia graphics card. After that, this barebone should make for a perfect hackintosh!
  4. Actually those screenshots were taken with that exact prerelease version. I also tried the older official version and they both have this bug...
  5. Do you get these bugs? : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=68658
  6. Hi, Is anyone else having problems getting perfect video playback? I'm running BrazilMac patched Leo, and it works otherwise ok, but video playback seems to have some minor problems. First: Quicktime videos lose their smoothen filter when returning from full screen mode (=enlargened pixels look blocky and ugly). Second: I tried the newest VLC (0.8.6c) and it worked somewhat for a while, but after zooming few times to full screen and back, I always get some permanent graphics corruption in the bottom part of the video window. Am I the only one getting these? I have tried Natit and several versions of NVinject and the results are always the same... I attached a sample picture of the VLC corruption (Snapshot.jpg) and Quicktime video with ugly unfiltered pixels (Snapshot2.jpg).
  7. Hi, I got myself a nice new Seagate 7200.11 1TB hard disk, and tried to install Leopard on it. The problem was that Disk Utility didn't want to create a new MBR partition table unless I divided the disk into many smaller partitions. 3 partitions of about 300GB worked ok, but when I tried to create just one 1TB partition, Disk Utility just jammed without any error message and resulted in a non-mountable unnamed disk. I have tried this with several versions of disk utility, from the old developers-only intel os x versions to 10.4.8-11 and leopard. Is this supposed to be happening? I would be very happy indeed if I could use all of the disk as just one partition, that would result in a lot less wasted space in the future...
  8. Hi, Is this happening to everyone? My quicktime full screen zoom effect (cmd+f) has disappeared in Leopard. I was wondering that if I'm the only one with this minor quick, maybe there is something strangely wrong with my system... Running Leo GM with Nvidia 7900GT (tried natit and nvinject). QE/CI are enabled but things seem a bit choppy everywhere, vsync clearly does not work in Spaces zoom effect, and expose is not as fluent as in Tiger...
  9. TsubakiSama: I was wondering if the 8800 works even better than 7000-series, does your Spaces -zoom effect show tearing and vsync problems? My 7900GT with NVinject does... And what about expose, is it always silky smooth?
  10. I just have to ask this one again: What about Aperture? There has to be someone who has tried Aperture with this new build? Aperture is the only thing keeping me from upgrading to Leopard at this point... Are the pictures still just black mess?
  11. Is Aperture finally working without any graphics bugs?? Or iMovie, or iDVD? It's quite scary that so much of Apple's own software still does not run on Leopard...
  12. Has anyone got Aperture working perfectly on 9A527? I'm testing on kalyway's DVD on Nvidia 7900 GT with Titan. QE/CI seems to work otherwise OK, but Aperture graphics are just a big mess (sometimes the photos are upside down, sometimes there's just a black screen with garbage). Exactly like in my manually installed 9A466. Is this a hackintosh-only problem or has anyone on a real mac Aperture working?
  13. 9a527 spotlight icon gone

    The easiest way to fix these post-install 9A527 problems is to run "sudo diskutil repairpermissions /" in Terminal. The graphical Disk Utility at least for me was not able to fix anything, but it worked from the terminal! I would not start messing the system more by downgrading it partially to older versions!
  14. Looks good to me. I do not have experience from this particular board, but as it has the Intel 965 chipset, ALC888 audio and Intel GBLAN, it looks pretty compatible. You just have to check that it is possible to set the SATA controller to AHCI mode in order to have decent hard disk performance.
  15. Creative Audigy 4 PCI

    No, there really is not much hope. At least Apple or Creative will not be producing drivers for it, because none of the Apple computers at the moments have any traditional PCI slots in them. The only hope would be that some brave sould would code them from scratch, and I really doubt that such persons exist...