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Anybody managed to install Sierra on an MSI Z87-G43 board?

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Hi guys,


I'm trying to do a fresh install of Sierra on my system: Z87-G43 board, i7 4770K CPU, R9 290X GPU, 32GB RAM. I had Yosemite running for some time now and wanted to upgrade.


Alas, no luck. I created an UEFI USB installer from the Sierra app and added Clover to the USB drive.


Clover is configured for installation on UEFI boards and I use the OsxAptioFix2Drv-64. Otherwise, the system won't even start the installation process from the USB drive.


Booting the USB drive works, then the installation starts. The designated macOS drive is an SSD in GUID format.

First reboot, booting from USB again but this time I tell clover to continue from the macOS SSD. Installation continues for a while.

Second reboot, again booting from USB and telling clover to continue from macOS SSD.


This time the system hangs after a while, complaining about a timeout at "AppleACPICPU" (see attached image).


Did anybody have this problem and solve it? Is there a way to install Sierra on the Z87-G43?


Any help is appreciated!


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From what I see it's the old case of boot to black screen issue which happens to new AMD GPUs.


You need to set the primary GPU to iGPU in BIOS. you will loose post boot screen but Mac OS will fully recognize your GPU once it's loaded.


AMD R9 290X and 390X and newer (RX Series) have this issue.


The problem started with macOS Sierra. When clover initializes the EFI GPU then it will boot to black screen.


If that's the reason why you need a new mainboard as mentioned in the other topic, I must say changing the mainboard won't fix your problem.


Before buying a new mainboard you can take these steps and see if the macOS Sierra boots normally on your system.


1. Set iGPU as primary in the BIOS

2. Plug your display to the onboard HDMI or DVI port on the mainboard.

3. Install macOS Sierra on your SSD and then install Clover in the EFI partition on your SSD drive where you installed macOS Sierra

4. Make sure to add macOS Sierra SSD as the default boot volume in clover's Boot section so it can boot automatically without you having to choose the OS

5. Make sure your macOS Sierra SSD. is set as the primary boot device in BIOS

6. Shut down the computer. Unplug the HDMI/DVI cable from mainboard (iGPU) and connect it to the R9 290X and turn on the pc.

7. Wait for a while until you see the desktop or the login window on macOS Sierra



let me know how it goes.

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I have the same Mainboard and set up as the OP, just I have GTX 780 instead of AM R9.


I have Sierra 10.12.5 running till now about 3 Weeks, everythings work well but Wake from Sleep (Full Reboot instead of waking up, deep sleep work).


So I think you should try as cyberdevs mention, use iGPU first then change it later after the first boot and set up.


Good Hack!


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Argh, no luck with cyberdevs's method. I got exactly the same error screen as the one I posted already. Well, with the exception of the changed date, of course, but everything else is exactly the same.

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Man, you are a lifesaver! With your first EFI folder I managed to run Sierra, but it was very bumpy. The mouse froze every few seconds for one or two seconds and the system was basically unusable. But with the last EFI folder everything is running smoothly now. I cannot thank you enough. You rock!


The only minor drawback is that I have to init the iGPU first, but I can live with that. It never occured to me that the R9 290X was the culprit. It did not run very well in Mavericks and ran OOB flawlessly in Yosemite. Now it is acting up again in Sierra...


Regardless, it is running now, so thank you very much!

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My pleasure :)


if you are having issues with the performance of the R9 290X GPU there are some solutions available. But I guess you might need some more fine tuning on the config.plist file first and then we can look for other solutions.

Send me some benchmarks of your GPU if you can or describe the symptoms.


The R9 290X or any other AMD GPU that has the same black screen issue are just fine they can run OK on any Apple computer that can support PCI-E GPUs, the problem is Clover, in the process of initializing the GPU something goes wrong and therefor the black screen happens. hopefully someday soon some one will come up with a solution to fix it.


Anyway to the task at hand. you can use the proper Framebuffer for your GPU you can create custom framebuffer for your GPU look here

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No worries! As far as I can tell from the short time I am testing Sierra right now, everything runs smoothly. No freezing, no hickups, no unexpected behavior... Man, now that I have a working UEFI install I might even get File Vault to work, yay!


If something goes wrong I might come back to this thread and cry a bit more, but right now it's all smooth sailing. :thumbsup_anim:

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That's great ;)


I'll follow this thread so if you make a post I'll be noticed and I will be here if you needed anything else. B)

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